400k signatures collected to oppose Japan becoming UNSC permanent member

Organized jointly by many organizations including the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia (GA), Los Angeles Alliance to Preserve the History of WWII in Asia, Rape of Nanking Redress Coalition, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and Whampoa Alumni Association etc. one of a series of activities centered on the theme of Sixty Years After the Victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Chinese People Acting Together for collecting signatures worldwide to oppose Japan becoming a UNSC permanent member, has gathered 401,556 signatures by the afternoon of March 20.

GA spokesperson Ding Yuan reported the above statistic. Li Jingfen, president of the GA, said they would send all the collected signatures to the UN, US Congress and the White House during the session of the UN General Assembly in Autumn. The GA hoped that more people could support the campaign online. The following is the signing websites in different languages: global-alliance.net (English), sign.sjwar.org (Chinese), china918.net/qm (Chinese), alpha-la.org/petition.asp (English) historicaljustice.org/HJN/db/list.php (English and Korean) or alternatively download signing form from global-alliance.net.

By People's Daily Online

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