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UPDATED: 17:09, March 18, 2005
A sincere call for peaceful reunification
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Deputies to the Third Session of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC) passed the "Anti-Secession Law" by overwhelming majority through pressing the electronic voting machine. The common will of the 1.3 billion Chinese people was condensed and sublimated into national will through legal procedures. The lens of history put this moment into a fixed frame.

Enacting a law against secession has always been a legitimate move taken by a sovereign state in defense of its rights and it is a common international practice. Since ancient times, many nations or countries have been bogged in long-term turbulence due to the involvement of external forces and internal division. The Chinese people's efforts to curb "Taiwan independence" aim precisely to avoid the bad result of division.

The high-positioned national law is like a mirror reflecting everything below. The broad masses of Taiwan compatriots, of course, are unperturbed. Since they do not go in for "Taiwan independence", what's there to be afraid of the fight against secession? Disappearance and stoppage of "Taiwan independence" will definitely create a new opportunity for the development of cross-Strait relations. While those obstinately engaged in "Taiwan independence" activities are on tenterhooks, because they were hit at the vital points. In the past few days, they have been planning "anti-check" actions to upgrade their resistance and have tried every possible means to distort, mislead and hoodwink the Taiwanese public. The "Taiwan independence" forces' propaganda department deliberately avoids mentioning the contents about promoting peaceful reunification and doing practical things for the well-being of Taiwan compatriots as mentioned in huge space in the "Anti-Secession Law". The Chinese mainland's sincere call for peace is intentionally hidden from being heard.

In fact, the "Anti-Secession Law" is a bill for peaceful reunification between the two sides across the Taiwan Straits, the good intentions as expressed in its purposes of pursuing peace and promoting the development of cross-Strait relations can be marked out with dots and small circles. Taiwan compatriots are our brothers and sisters, no one else cherishes greater hope than us for realizing reunification of the country by peaceful means. Clauses of the Law stipulate the "country aims to realize peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and greatest efforts"; each of the five effective measures on promoting cross-Strait relations is tied up closely with the vital interests of Taiwan compatriots; it also provides broad rooms for consultation and negotiation on an equal footing between the two sides. Despite the incessant provocations recently made by some people on the Island, the Chinese mainland still has repeatedly indicated its good intention, expressing its willingness to talk with anyone and any political party as long as they acknowledge the "One-China Principle" regardless of what they said and done in the past. Such a broadminded attitude of not bothering about former grievances is an expression of lenience and tolerance, it is a sincere call for peace across the Taiwan Straits.

The clause about non-peaceful means as listed in the "Anti-Secession Law" is the topic implication that should be expressed in the Law, it is also the outcome of "Taiwan independence" secessionist activities. As an ancient said: "Without strengthening the upright, it's impossible to correct the crooked." ("Han Feizi: Gu Fen"). The "Taiwan independence" attempt to force a separation of sovereignty greatly endangers the Chinese nation, so hoping to seek peaceful reunification by abandoning the use of force is nothing different from catching fish in a tree. But non-peaceful means is only the last resort adopted when peaceful means proves to be entirely futile. "So long there is still a ray of hope, we will exert our utmost efforts", this remark uttered from the bottom of the hearts of state leaders deserves repeated savor by Taiwan compatriots. Some people on the Island are worried that non-peaceful means would be rashly used, this anxiety is groundless and unnecessary.

In recent years, the Chinese mainland has indicated that the Taiwan question should not be delayed indefinitely, but it has not set any timetable and time limit for solution of the question, instead, it has consistently devoted its effort to creating a peaceful atmosphere across the Taiwan Straits. At present, the Chinese mainland is firmly grasping the important strategic opportunity in the first 20 years of this century to concentrate on economic construction and the building of a harmonious society. No one else has greater hope than the mainland for peace across the Taiwan Straits, on the Taiwan issue, as long as the other side does not first tread on the base line, there is no need for worry about war. After the enactment of the "Anti-Secession Law", Taiwan is still given great room for movement, even for the "independence" forces, they will still be given an out, if they can cease their secessionist activities. To follow the broad road or take the single-plank bridge bears on safety and danger and fortune and misfortune. Whether they can change their course at this important historical juncture? "Whether they passionately counter" or rationally face up to reality, the "Anti-Secession Law" is like giving them a timely freshener.

By People's Daily Online

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