DPRK: Japan has no qualification for permanent member of UNSC

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) stressed on Sunday that Japan has no qualification to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council in all respects, describing Japan's behavior to make desperate efforts for Security Council membership as "impudent and imprudent."

"This issue can not be solved by money or backing of big countries but by the recognition of the international community," said Rodong Sinmun, the leading daily newspaper of the DPRK, in a singed article.

"It has no pluck to take action responsible for world security and international order. If Japan, a servant following the United States, becomes a permanent member of the UNSC, it will only result in adding one vote to the US in harassing world security and international order," it added.

Japan has set it as a major target of its diplomatic activity to become an UNSC permanent member this year when the United Nations marks the 60th anniversary of its establishment and the end of World War II.

"As Japan is a dangerous warlike state which is seeking overseas aggression going against the trend of peace, its attainment of the UNSC permanent membership will give the Japanese militarists the wing of revanche for aggression," the article said.

"It is an insult to the international community to offer a permanent membership to Japan which is distrusted by its surrounding countries because it has not yet redressed its past blood-stained aggressive crimes," it added.

The article also assailed that Japan's bid to become a UNSC permanent member was to be a political power as well as a hegemony in Asia and the world. "It is contrary to the basic mission of the UN and it will be troublesome to the world people desirous of peace," it added.

"Japan should take this year as a good opportunity to redress its past crimes, remove the stigma of an 'enemy state' and gain trust from the international community. And it should discard the harmful sense of national superiority and chauvinism and candidly join hands with Asian countries with a clear understanding that it is a member nation of Asia," the article said.

Pak Kil Yon, the DPRK's permanent representative to the UN, sent a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on March 7, voicing strong opposition to granting Japan a permanent seat on the Security Council.

Japan, along with Germany, Brazil and India, is stepping up its bid for permanent membership of an enlarged Security Council.

A panel of prominent persons presented a series of recommendations to Annan on the UN reforms late last year, which proposed two options for the enlargement of the 15-nation council. One option is to increase six new permanent members without the right to veto, and the other is to create a new layer of members with long renewable terms.

Source: Xinhua

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