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UPDATED: 15:56, March 14, 2005
Consultation mechanism highly efficient in handling CPPCC proposals
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March 10, 2005, a forum for the handling of proposals by way of consultation was held by the CPPCC "on the issue of speeding up the promotion for the development of circulating economy", at which the relevant proposal-making parties and sponsors had a face-to-face exchange of views together with responsible members from the State Development and Reform Commission, the Auditing Office, and the State Statistic Bureau, the unites for proposal-handling. Present at the forum were Xu Kuangdi and Huang Mengfu, vice-chairmen of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

  • Keyword: mechanism, planning

    The Central Committee of China Democratic League proposed: a relevant economic policy should be drawn to form an incentive mechanism for the development of a circulating economy. The fees for all kinds of pollution discharges should be gradually raised. Reduction of taxes, financial subsidies and policy for credit of preferential treatment should be granted to those enterprises who are engaged in clean production technology and circulating use of resources and also with favorable treatment offered to them in regard of the land-use, approval of projects and the environment for investment.

    The State Development and Reform Commission replied: It would get in touch with the departments concerned to carry on an experimental work by selecting some major industries and trades of heavy resources consumption and serious pollution for the promotion of circulating economy, and in the meanwhile experimental work would also be executed in major areas, industrial parks and cities so as to push ahead the promotion of major technology, stressed projects and areas and for pushing ahead the circulating economy.. Measures would be taken to improve the network for the recovery of recyclable resources and the concept for circulating economy would be engaged to work out plans, for construction and transformation of some parks and areas in city development.

    Importance point: to develop circulating economy, build an economized society constitutes an important content of the "11th Five Year Plan". This conception will be used to guide and direct the state planning in general, special planning, regional and municipal planning as well. Therefore, there will be a big breakthrough in the "11th Five Year Plan" and special planning will also be made in regard of the energy saving, water-saving, and the saving of land-use as well as the recovery of waste materials and scraps.

  • Keyword: Legal system

    The Central Committees of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and Jiu San (September 3) Society proposed that a legal system should be established for the circulating economy. To work out a law system for a comprehensive circulating economy and a special law and regulations for circulating economy, and at the same time the contents of the laws, related rules and regulations already in force have to be amended for it.

    The State Development and Reform Commission replied: it would go hand in hand with the State Commission of Environment and Resources of the National People's Congress to put forward a framework system of laws and regulations for the development of circulating economy, and bring into motion the early-stage investigation work for the law. The law to be brought out would be different from the laws for the promotion of clean production and for the saving of energy resources. It is going to be on a higher level and will see a breakthrough in legislation. And meanwhile the law for energy saving has to be revised in order to cater to the needs of the development of the situation.

  • Keyword: quota system

    The Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party (Public Interest Party) proposed: it's necessary to advocate green consumption, to set up a circulating society in which materials and resources will be circulated in a virtuous way and only by doing so can a harmonious development of economy, society and environment be realized. It is suggested that education for green should be conducted among the public and to promote the ecological green marks for scientific verification and management and through consumers' demands for green products and the motivated incentive effects to make producers and factories to turn out green products.

    The State Development and Reform Commission replied: by way of experimental work a quota system is going to be worked out for bringing out a comprehensive assessment of circulating economy. An industry policy will be mapped out for setting a standard for new approved projects. For instance, to use autos of low emission and gas saving is going to be encouraged. Now in many cities in China restriction are imposed on the use of low-emission autos. This goes against the real situation in China and measures will be adopted to make an adjustment of the policies by way of consultation, and take moon-cake for another example, restrictions are going to be set on the packing of the moon-cake, i.e. regulations to be made on the pack-price, the proportion of the box and contents in it so as to avoid the overdoing of the packing.

    Importance points:

  • The state is going to encourage using autos of low-emission and gas-saving

  • Restriction is to be made on the packing of the moon-cake

    The State Development and Reform Commission replied: the statistic work would be carried on so as to give support to the promotion of the circulating economy. The putting forward of the concept for green GDP is more advanced than that of pure pursuance for GDP. However, this must not remain an empty talk for the circulating economy and it must be pushed ahead based on actual investigation. For instance, the water consumption, the draw-in of water resource and repeated utility of the water of a certain trade or an enterprise, only when we get these basic figures clear and having made a preliminary calculation on them can we start to set quotas on them and to carry on the green GDP accounting.

    By People's Daily Online

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