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UPDATED: 16:31, March 01, 2005
US aims its cudgel directly at Syria and Iran
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  • The US is ready to impose stricter sanctions on Syria.

    At present, the intensified relations between the USA and Syria and Iran witness a further escalation due to the assassination of Rafik Hariri, former Lebanese Prime minister. The US suspects that the case had something to do with Syria and called back immediately its ambassador to Syria. W. G. Bush pointed out clearly though so far unable to tell who's the wire-puller behind the scene the US call-back of its ambassador meant a strong signal to Damascus.

    The US suspects that Syria might be the backstage manipulator of the event. One of the reasons is that Rafik Hariri ever asked Syria to withdraw its troops out from the Lebanon and this was in line with the US stand. The US holds that the 29 years of Syria stationing its troops in Lebanon is a factor for the unstable situation in Lebanon and the whole region. Syria has to take up "special responsibility" for the instability in Lebanon, said Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State.

    The Washington observer is of opinion that in fact the US wanted to take the advantage for imposing stronger pressures on Syria. In the area of the Middle East, Syria has been taken like Iran by the US as a thorn in the US eyes. As reprimanded by the US, Syria is "supporting terrorism" and especially since the kicking-off of the war in Iraq "Syria has been harboring the remnant force of Saddam", "and continuing to traffic the armed forces, materials for military use and the US dollars in cash into Iraq", and allowing continuously the armed forces of foreign countries to go across to take part in the assaults at the US army in Iraq. The US ever requested that its troops be permitted to enter Syria chasing after the anti-US armed forces but so far hasn't got approval.

    Apart from the aforesaid, the US has always been holding that Syria and Iran are the main obstacles for the US to carry out its strategy in the Middle East. In the peace course in Middle East, the US holds first and foremost that Syria and Iran are in no good terms with Israel, criticizing that Syria and Iran support the radical organizations of the Palestine Islamic resistance movement (HAMAS) to go against the US and Israel. Secondly Syria and Iran are opposing the US to promote its "Great Middle East Democratic Plan" and Bush directed his spearhead at the two countries when he was talking of the US "Great Middle East Democratic Plan" in his inaugurating speech. And after Rafik Hariri was assassinated Bush criticized once again that Syria "hasn't kept up with the paces for democracy in the Middle East".

    In view of the further deterioration of the US-Syrian relations the US is getting prepared to exert severer and new transactions on Syria. The US started to impose economic transactions on Syria since May 11th last year. The contents include: the banning on the import into and export from Syria commodities in exception of foodstuffs and medicines and the freeze of all Syrian assets in the US and Syrian civil aviation airplanes to enter the US airspace and so on. The new transaction measures the US is in consideration of include: to freeze the capitals and assets of Syrian officials in the US, effective separation of businesses with the Syrian banks and stopping the US financial bodies to go into business connection with Syrian banks and to restrict the Syrian diplomatic officials to Washington and the UN organizations to travel in the USA.

    However, in the meantime the US officials are worrying if the US adopts restriction on the activities of Syrian diplomatic personnel Syria will do the likewise to set a restriction on the US diplomatic personnel to go in a area of 25 miles around. Therefore, it is possible to affect travels of the US diplomatic personnel for the possible information collection in Syria and unable to watch over what's happening along the Syrian and Iraqi border areas. Rice pointed out explicitly, the US will "continue to take other choice into consideration". As early as April 2003 the information said that persons of the Eagle Party in Washington held that it was entirely possible for the US to launch armed attack on Syria when it considered necessary.

  • Possible for the US to launch accurate attack at some goals of importance in Iran

    When the US is considering of imposing sanctions on Syria, Iran, another antagonistic force of the US in Middle East stands out in the open to conclude an anti-US alliance with Syria. In view of the situation Syria is facing, Iranian first Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref told visiting Syrian Prime Minister Mahammad NajiOtri, on 16 February, that Iran will share its anti-sanction experience with Syria "without any reserve", hoping Syria would be able to overcome difficulties. He stressed that the two countries would establish an alliance by adopting unified policies. This has set ablaze the US hatred against Iran.

    As far back as in the early days of 2002, Iran was labeled by the US as an "evil axial country". The public opinion has it that the US is getting prepared to have Iran as its next goal for settling its account with. The hostility of the US for Iran, except that the Iranian government is "despotic" and "undemocratic" as it holds, is moreover that it is resolutely against the US and Israel and especially it is intentionally developing nuclear weapons, therefore, constituting a direct threat to the US and Israel.

    For a period of time the US has been requiring on the one hand Britain, France and Germany, the three European countries to carry out strict nuclear examinations and checkups in Iran through diplomatic means as quickly as possible so far as the Iranian nuclear issue is concerned and on the other it is very much suspicious of Iran without pinning much hope on the political solution of the problem and is getting prepared to force Iran into submission by resorting to any means and measures necessary for the purpose. The measures include not only the time and again emphasis on submitting the Iranian nuclear issue to the UN Security Council, to impose sanction on Iran but also include not to give up the possibilities of armed attack. The US expert said, The Eagle Party of Bush's cabinet advocates strongly for adopting the big-rod policy and the appearance of the US scout plane over the Iranian airspace is considered to be a signal. According to the report, even if the US won't kick off the war of so large a scale in Iran like that in Iraq due to the contain of Europe and other countries and some other factors it is likely for the US to launch an accurate attack on some goals of importance in Iran

    As people noted, the Bush administration has recently begun to use more vehement expressions in regard of the Iranian nuclear issue. Why? Because except the US holds that the Iranian issue is tending to be more and more intense it is also because Iran is to form an alliance with Syria and the "joining-in" of Russia pointing out, "Iran has no intention to develop nuclear weapons, and is willing to cooperate and make exchanges with Iran in regard of the nuclear project" and in the meantime it is going to sell short-range ballistic missiles for air defense to Syria and so on and so forth. For this, the US feels a big headache and greatly enraged.

    On 21 February, Bush delivered a speech in Brussels about his foreign policy, in which he once again lodged a serious criticism and warning against Syria and Iran. During his visit in Europe Bush made the Syrian and Iranian issues his important topics for his discussion with the state leaders of the relevant European countries, requesting Europe to go hand in hand with the US in taking more strong attitude and severe measures in regard of the two countries. At the same time, Bush will discuss with Putin over the Syrian and Iranian issues, hoping to exert pressures On Russia about the issues. Prior to this Richard Boucher spokesman of the US Department of State has already expressed that the US opposed Russia to sell to Syria the "lethal weaponry", and if Russia sells to Syria the ballistic missiles the US will impose sanctions on Russia.

    The public opinion holds, along with the escalation of the intensified relations the US will take all measures necessary over the Iranian and Syrian issues.

    By People's Daily Online

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