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UPDATED: 18:16, January 24, 2005
Immolators get new life: Commentary
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Photo:Wang Jindong, one of the chief organizers of the Tian'anmen Square suicide, is interviewed by journalists Jan. 18, 2005.  (Xinhua Photo)
Wang Jindong, one of the chief organizers of the Tian'anmen Square suicide, is interviewed by journalists Jan. 18, 2005. (Xinhua Photo)
On January 23 four years ago, Wang Jindong and six other "Falun Gong cult" crazy followers created a world-shaking self-burning tragedy on the Tiananmen Square, leaving a tragic result of two deaths and three heavy injuries. Recently, several Chinese and foreign media had an interview with the persons concerned and their families. These reports aroused lots of thoughts and feelings from the readers.

We feel indignant at their hard luck. That year, pressed by Li Hongzhi's repeated order of "laying down their lives" and "going toward final Nirvana (or completion)", the five persons Wang Jindong, Hao Huijun, Chen Guo, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying who were deeply poisoned mentally by "Falun Gong"lighted up the heretical fire as Li Hongzhi expected. The fire burnt 12-year-old girl Liu Siying and her mother to death, and Chen Guo, Hao Huijun, the mother and her daughter and Wang Jindong were severely burnt. Liu Yunfang, who participated in self-burning but failed to light up the fire, said, "I'd practiced 'Falung Gong' for 12 years, who has achieved Nirvana? The result were only heavy casualties!" Wang Jindong said, "I have only one word��hatred-- for Li Hongzhi! What a number of Chinese he has caused to death!. Now, he has fled abroad and continues to make trouble there!" Xue Hongjun, one of the organizers of the immolation incident, said, "Whenever I see the complete disfigurement of my old friends, I feel my heart ached as if pierced by ten thousand arrows!" Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong cult" are really harmful!

We feel gratified at their new lives. One may remember that Wang Jindong's wife He Haihua and daughter Wang Juan who once practiced "Falun Gong" together with him, when learning of Wang's immolation, said, "He is a 'follower of abhidharma (scholasticism)', we are proud of him." Wang Juan one night also quietly bid farewell to her boy friend who disbelieved in "Falun Gong."She, together with some other crazy "Falun Gong" followers, sat under the night sky, waiting for Li Hongzhi to carry them "up to heaven" to become immortals, but today, they have all thoroughly smashed the spiritual shackles of "Falun Gong". Wang Juan has married her boy friend in deep love of her, and given birth to their son, He Haihua also happily helps her daughter in looking after the grandson, jointly enjoying the happiness of life. Wang Jindong, Liu Yunfang and Xue Hongjun, the old friends who previously sat together talking about "Falun Gong", now they often come together planning their future happy life. Hao Huijun, who severely burnt in the immolation incident, plans to write a book, while Chen Guo begins to learn computer techniques and practice handwriting with his injured hand holding the brush. We see in them the long-parted affinity deprived of by Li Hongzhi and the return of human nature.

We are deeply moved by the concern, help, education and rescue given to them by the government and society. After the occurrence of the immolation incident, the government and social circles did their level best to rescue the wounded. . The severely burnt mother Hao Huijun and her daughter cannot take care of themselves in their daily life, after they were discharged from hospital, they were properly settled down by the Henan provincial and Kaifeng city governments, a person was specially sent to give them nursing care. Wang Jindong, Liu Yunfang and Xue Hongjun who are serving their term of imprisonment, under the education and help of policemen, quickly woke up to their errors, repented and started anew. Wang Jindong said, "The government has saved my family, given me a second life and the favors it granted me is as weighty as a mountain." Liu Yunfang said, "I was also an active participant in the immolation, in the instant of igniting the fire, I was stopped by a policeman, it was the people's policeman who saved my life."Wang Juan and her mother He Haihua said, "We thank the Party and the government for helping us get rid of the spiritual control of "Falun Gong" and for helping us to live a life of normal people." Facts show that the overwhelming majority of crazy "Falun Gong" followers are victims of Li Hongzhi. Their practice of ignoring laws and discarding their families and affinity was the result of Li Hongzhi's spiritual control. Delivering them from the mire of "Falun Gong", saving their lives and helping them turn over a new leaf are a concrete embodiment of the Party's and government's adherence to putting the people first and safeguarding human rights. We wish these people who have shaken off the heretical control of "Falun Gong" live a better life and hope that some individual "Falun Gong" addicts will wake up to reality as soon as possible, start afresh and enjoy a happy life.

Carried on page 4 of People's Daily on January 24, this commentary was translated by People's Daily Online

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