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News Archive --- Date:20050119


  • Innovation brings partners closer (09:06, January 20)
  • CPC launches education campaign to consolidate ruling status (17:20, January 19)
  • China, Cambodia to strengthen parliamentary exchanges, senior legislator (17:05, January 19)
  • Irish prime minister to visit HKSAR (17:04, January 19)
  • China confirmed identity of kidnapped nationals in Iraq (16:34, January 19)
  • China to institute a responsibility system for major decision-making errors (16:52, January 19)
  • Chinese president concerned about security of eight Chinese hostages in Iraq (16:35, January 19)
  • China sees more forests for better use  (15:37, January 19)
  • Chinese teams sent to help tsunami reconstruction (13:12, January 19)
  • China to continue fishing ban on Yangtze River in 2005 (10:16, January 19)
  • Airlines give Taiwan flight details (09:58, January 19)
  • Zero agro-tax in China's 22 provinces pledged  (08:27, January 19)
  • China to clean up tobacco market for Spring Festival (08:08, January 19)
  • Four officials elected as leaders of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (08:07, January 19)
  • China pledges to take all measures to rescue hostages in Iraq  (09:53, January 19)
  • China, Ireland to ink pork trade protocol (08:06, January 19)
  • Three new highway bridges connect Hong Kong, inland (08:18, January 19)
  • Falun Gong followers repent of Tian'anmen suicide attempt  (09:55, January 19)

  • Business

  • Survey finds 90 percent of China's SMEs optimistic (17:14, January 19)
  • Chinese mainland banks report balanced assets, debt growth (17:13, January 19)
  • First charter freight flight opens between NW China and Europe (17:12, January 19)
  • China Southern Airlines to open five charter flights to Taiwan (17:12, January 19)
  • Chinese auto giant sets export record (17:09, January 19)
  • Forecasts of regional economies in 2005: east-west gap to expand (16:50, January 19)
  • Obstacles remain for affordable housing (13:04, January 19)
  • China becomes true to the name of civil aviation giant (11:13, January 19)
  • Chinese government likely to inject capital into two more state-owned banks (10:18, January 19)
  • Nigeria enters accords on cassava export with China, S. Africa (10:10, January 19)
  • Foreign trade robust between ASEAN, south China region (10:11, January 19)
  • China's trust investment companies report growing business (10:11, January 19)
  • EU official: China still developing country (10:12, January 19)
  • China approves set up of first national stock commercial bank in eight years (10:14, January 19)
  • CBRC speeding up applications for foreign banks' RMB business in China (10:13, January 19)
  • EU to consider China's market economy status (09:41, January 19)
  • Company rebuts wrongdoing (08:40, January 19)
  • Wacker lays out long-term China strategy (08:40, January 19)
  • RedFlag pins hopes on new product (08:40, January 19)
  • End of the road for China Unicom? (08:32, January 19)
  • China vows to further software cooperation with Ireland (08:32, January 19)
  • Two leading Chinese banks seek public listings "at appropriate time (07:59, January 19)

  • World

  • US, EU must manage China differences: Straw (17:27, January 19)
  • 50 leftist rebels surrender in southern Philippines (17:27, January 19)
  • Ugandan chief peace mediator, rebel team discuss peace terms (17:26, January 19)
  • Tsunami warning issued in Japan following quake (16:37, January 19)
  • No Australians injured in Baghdad blast (16:37, January 19)
  • UN to approve peace mission in Sudan: envoy (14:40, January 19)
  • Dhaka to emerge as world's second largest city by 2015 (14:39, January 19)
  • Australian Embassy in Iraq, police station under bomb attack (14:38, January 19)
  • Tsunami affects 15,000 pregnant women in Sri Lanka (13:12, January 19)
  • Norway says 88 Norwegians dead, missing in Asian tsunami (13:04, January 19)
  • Vietnam reports more bird flu outbreaks (11:24, January 19)
  • Chinese medical team wraps up aid work in Sri Lanka (11:17, January 19)
  • LDP to continue Yasukuni shrine visits  (10:35, January 19)
  • Three million make sacred pilgrimage (10:00, January 19)
  • Protesters plan to turn their backs on Bush (09:40, January 19)
  • FBI says man threatens to blow up van near White House  (09:12, January 19)
  • Nigeria has no ambition to become nuclear power: president  (08:34, January 19)
  • American charged in UN oil-for-food probe  (08:37, January 19)
  • World disaster reduction conference to discuss Indian Ocean tsunami disaster  (08:36, January 19)
  • Russia confident of peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program  (08:40, January 19)
  • Rice says US building candid, cooperative ties with China (08:16, January 19)
  • Indian president hopes for friendly India-China cooperation (08:15, January 19)
  • Hamas claims responsibility for Gaza suicide bombing (08:09, January 19)
  • Israeli PM refuses to give Abbas grace period for fighting militants (08:49, January 19)
  • At least 80 feared dead in Congo boat capsize (08:10, January 19)
  • Oscar-winning Theron chosen as newsmaker for 2004 in S. Africa (08:15, January 19)
  • Rice hails China's role in six-party talks  (08:59, January 19)
  • Abbas holds secret talks with militant groups (08:07, January 19)

  • Opinion

  • China and Japan should seize correct orientation of bilateral relations  (17:14, January 19)
  • Education is Foundation for success in foreign trade: Interview (14:26, January 19)

  • Sports

  • Beijing 2008 Olympics set for record cash haul (15:51, January 19)
  • Li flies the flag for China at Australian Open (15:43, January 19)
  • Man City to hand Sun Jihai new deal (15:40, January 19)
  • Li-Ning signs marketing deal with NBA (13:07, January 19)
  • Algeria to host 2007 Afro-Asian Games (08:26, January 19)
  • Figo feels sorry for Cesar's injury  (08:13, January 19)
  • Three champions advance on Day 1 in Australian Open  (08:03, January 19)

  • Science & Technology

  • HK biometric passports set for 2007  (16:59, January 19)
  • US researchers discover fat gene (17:15, January 19)
  • China injects more funds into development of technical standards (10:17, January 19)
  • Clearer prospects for 3G system (10:16, January 19)
  • Largest ever Airbus A380 makes debut (08:07, January 19)
  • Central China province to raise 220 million yuan for poor students (08:07, January 19)

  • Life

  • Internet cafes to open longer  (17:05, January 19)
  • China to shut down gambling websites (17:08, January 19)
  • 10 essential reads  (17:05, January 19)
  • Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi win HK film critics' awards (14:05, January 19)
  • Green law suspends US$billion schemes (13:24, January 19)
  • Protecting standard Chinese  (11:20, January 19)
  • Japan opens travel visa to all Chinese for upcoming exposition (10:04, January 19)
  • Malaysia to attract more Chinese tourists: Minister (10:01, January 19)
  • China considering legislation on nutrition (08:20, January 19)
  • Ganing of Beijing set to continue (08:05, January 19)
  • New book doubles death from Japanese invasion  (08:15, January 19)
  • College graduates no longer yearn for "iron rice bowl"  (08:08, January 19)

  • Photo

    Premier Wen meets Vanuatuan Deputy Prime Minister

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao(R) meets with Vanuatuan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sato Kilman in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 18, 2005.

    50 anniversary of Sino-Afghan diplomatic relations marked

    Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jian (L), Afghan vice president Zia Masud (C) and Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah unveil a stamp marking the 50 anniversary of Sino-Afghan diplomatic relation at the Chinese embassy in Kabul Jan 18, 2005. A reception is given on that day too.

    NBA, Li Ning establish strategic partnership

    Li Ning (C), president of Li Ning Company Limited and Andrew Messick (L1) senior vice president of National Basketball Association (NBA) international, exchange gifts, Beijing, Jan. 18, 2005. At a joint press conference, the two companies announced their strategic partnership.

    Tian'anmen suicide masterminds repent

    Wang Jindong, one of the chief organizers of the Tian'anmen Square suicide, is interviewed by journalists Jan. 18, 2005. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the Falun Gong organized suicide at Tian'anmen Square, survivors told Chinese and foreign journalists Tuesday that they regret their actions. On January 23, 2001, also the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, seven Falun Gong followers set themselves on fire in the Tian'anmen Square in pursuit of "heavenly glory" under the call from cult leader Li Hongzhi. As a result, two died and three badly wounded. (Xinhua Photo)

    Group wedding for HIV carriers

    A man prepares red riband for his bride before a group wedding for five couples in which one or both of the partners was HIV positive in Yongji County in northeast China's Jilin Province Jan. 18, 2005.

    UN International Conference for Disaster Reduction opens in Japan

    UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Egeland (L) addresses the opening of UN International Conference for Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan, on Jan. 18, 2005. Nearly 4,000 representatives from 150 countries, regions and international organizations took part in the conference to discuss the new strategy for disaster reduction in the 21st century.

    Eight Chinese kidnapped in Iraq

    Video grab taken on Jan. 18, 2005 from the pan-Arab al-Jazeera TV channel shows the eight Chinese nationals kidnapped in Iraq. Eight Chinese nationals were taken as hostages by militants in Iraq, the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad confirmed on Tuesday. (Xinhua photo)

    Overseas Iraqis register for forthcoming election

    A man walks past an advertisement outside a polling station for overseas Iraqis in Berlin, capital of Germany Jan. 18, 2005. Overseas Iraqis began to registering for the upcoming Iraqi elections on Jan. 17, 2005 in 14 countries. On behalf of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) set up some 900 registration and polling stations at approximately 150 locations in 14 countries for overseas Iraqis to register and vote in the upcoming elections.

    Chinese scientists reach Antarctic icecap peak

    The file photo taken in 2002 shows members of Chinese expedition setting up an aerograph device on an icecap in Antarctica. Chinese expedition arrived at the highest icecap peak in Antarctica at 3:16 a.m. (Beijing time), on Jan. 18, 2005, according to the polar expedition office of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA). They are the first humans to reach the peak of Dome A Icecap 4,039 miters above sea level, located at 80:22:00 degrees south latitude and 77:21:11 degrees east longitude.

    Premier Wen holds talks with Irish PM

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao(R) meets with Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 18, 2005.

    Hu calls on improving ideological education for college students

    Chinese President Hu Jintao, who is also general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivers an important speech at a national conference held from Jan. 17 to 18 on improving the ideological education for college students in Beijing, capital of China, on Jan. 18, 2005.

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