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News Archive --- Date:20050117


  • 69 suspects in south China's loan fraud scandal given punishment (18:15, January 17)
  • China to recruit more female air force pilots (17:22, January 17)
  • Party delegation leaves for European visit (17:22, January 17)
  • Beijing Muslims donate for tsunami-hit countries (17:22, January 17)
  • People's Daily launches special column to boost human rights education (17:19, January 17)
  • China to speed up expressway network construction (17:21, January 17)
  • Shanghai names seven new "sources of disasters" (16:17, January 17)
  • Complete abolishment of death penalty still hard in today's China (14:39, January 17)
  • China' top ten news stories on agriculture in 2004 unveiled  (10:49, January 17)
  • Comrade Zhao Ziyang passes away (09:20, January 17)
  • Cross-straits jets ready for take-off (08:56, January 17)
  • China to speed up 'Go-west' in next five years (18:59, January 17)
  • Vice Premier underscores better disaster control (08:23, January 17)
  • China's industry watchers take class on fighting graft (08:25, January 17)
  • Two officials elected as leaders of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (08:21, January 17)
  • Macao proves success of China's "one country, two systems": Portuguese President (07:24, January 17)
  • Book of Jiang Zemin on improving building of ruling party published (08:13, January 17)
  • CPC Central Committee issues outline for anti-corruption work (07:12, January 17)
  • SASAC official charged for embezzling 50 million yuan (08:20, January 17)
  • Chinese state councilor meets Andorran PM (08:17, January 17)
  • China denies of providing expired food to tsunami-hit countries (07:17, January 17)

  • Business

  • NE China city reports increased software export (18:26, January 17)
  • Beijing booms in industrial sector (18:25, January 17)
  • China allows 116 overseas banking institutions to do yuan business (18:25, January 17)
  • E. China province doubles 2004 foreign trade volume (18:23, January 17)
  • China's biggest bank reports deposits hitting 5 trillion yuan mark (18:23, January 17)
  • Bank of Communications' deposits climb to 1 trillion yuan (18:22, January 17)
  • Portugal, Macao sign banking cooperation memorandum (18:22, January 17)
  • Macao's economy grows by 25 pct in 2004: Official (18:13, January 17)
  • China's foreign exchange reserve exceeds 600 billion dollars in 2004 (18:08, January 17)
  • Customs revenue grew over a hundred billion yuan in 2004 (18:07, January 17)
  • Bad loans rate of commercial banks drops 4.6% in 2004 (18:07, January 17)
  • China becomes largest jewellery consumer (10:11, January 17)
  • China to invest US$773.49m in Tibet in 2005 (10:10, January 17)
  • Unpredictable year ahead for stock market (09:37, January 17)
  • E. China province ranks first in 2004 trade surplus (07:25, January 17)

  • World

  • Israeli troops detain al-Aqsa brigades' leader  (18:32, January 17)
  • Death toll reaches 30,920 in Sri Lanka  (18:31, January 17)
  • DPRK cargo ship sinks in Aegean Sea, two killed (18:31, January 17)
  • At least seven Iraqi soldiers killed in central Iraq (18:15, January 17)
  • Subway carriages collide in Bangkok, injuring more than 130 (18:11, January 17)
  • Japan maps plan to defend islands (09:46, January 17)
  • Thousands of S. Africans attend funeral of Mandela's son  (09:11, January 17)
  • Spanish government dismisses negotiations with ETA  (09:15, January 17)
  • Argentine FM's luggage searched at US airport  (09:12, January 17)
  • Colombia proposes summit to solve diplomatic crisis with Venezuela  (09:17, January 17)
  • US releases 81 Afghan detainees (09:04, January 17)
  • People gather in Kobe area to commemorate 1995 Hanshin quake (09:01, January 17)
  • Tsunami death toll rises past 162,000 (09:51, January 17)
  • Concentration camp survivors mark 60th anniversary of evacuation  (08:26, January 17)
  • German politicians call for Nazi symbol ban in Europe  (08:33, January 17)
  • Khartoum, opposition agree on wide-ranging issues  (08:28, January 17)
  • Mesic wins Croatia's presidential run-off  (08:31, January 17)
  • Bush sees no timetable for US withdrawal from Iraq  (08:27, January 17)

  • Opinion

  • 'Go West' campaign demands long-term, consistent devotion (18:58, January 17)
  • What does consensus for charter flights for coming Spring Festival embody? (18:29, January 17)
  • PD editorial: combating corruption & promoting clean govt (18:28, January 17)
  • Non-stop flights a big step towards direct exchanges (09:01, January 17)

  • Sports

  • Sharapova sidesteps questions on rivalry  (15:47, January 17)
  • Peterhansel retains Dakar Rally title  (15:37, January 17)
  • American, Chinese win World Cup aerials (15:19, January 17)
  • Japanese Onda wins women's single figure skating in Universiade  (09:07, January 17)
  • Jiangsu beats Shandong, Liaoning beaten in CBA league (08:30, January 17)
  • Fight happens to NBA the second time  (08:27, January 17)
  • Beijing lists 8 criteria for 'high-level' Olympics (09:13, January 17)
  • China loses to S.Korea in youth soccer  (08:09, January 17)
  • Singapore beats Indonesia to win Tiger Cup title (08:02, January 17)

  • Science & Technology

  • Beijing DNA experts study Thai remains (08:50, January 17)

  • Life

  • Record number of tourists flocking to Beijing from overseas (18:28, January 17)
  • Old-age attendance changed stealthily for Chinese nationals  (18:24, January 17)
  • 5 social changes in Guangdong 2001-04, Survey report (18:06, January 17)
  • Beijing to abandon 'concentric circles' (13:47, January 17)
  • Pop music scene became more diversified in 2004 (13:52, January 17)
  • Sexy 'housewives' rule Golden Globes  (15:55, January 17)
  • Nearly 137,000 killed in accidents in China in 2004 (10:20, January 17)
  • Coal mine accidents claim 6,027 lives in China in 2004 (10:17, January 17)
  • More books cater to different readers (08:14, January 17)
  • TV dramas lure audience with changing content (08:19, January 17)
  • Forecaster: Less spring sand gusts (08:23, January 17)
  • Fresh flowers for New Year (08:11, January 17)
  • 9 killed in ferry capsize in Guangdong  (08:10, January 17)
  • Senior citizens take to ballet  (08:09, January 17)

  • Photo

    China Eastern unveils uniforms for direct flight attendants

    China Eastern stewardess tries on a new uniform, specially tailored for the landmark direct flights across the Taiwan Straits in Shanghai January 17, 2005. According to an agreement reached on Saturday, nonstop flights will be operated by airlines on both sides of the Straits during the coming Spring Festival for Taiwan businesspeople and their families back home for the reunion. This will be the first direct air links in decades between the mainland and Taiwan. China Eastern is likely to be one of the mainland airlines to operate such flights. (newsphoto)

    Stars grace the 62nd annual Golden Globe Awards

    Nicole Kidman arrives at the 62nd annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California January 16, 2005. (Reuters)

    Bank broadens product range

    An outlet of China Everbright Bank in Zhengzhou launches its "Plan E" services over the weekend. It is the first education-based wealth management scheme promoted by a domestic bank to meet the educational investment needs of Chinese households. (newsphoto)

    Wedding dress exhibition in Helsinki

    Models display wedding dresses in the exhibition of wedding ceremonies and wedding dresses in Helsinki, capital of Finland, Jan., 15, 2005. Besides various kinds of wedding dresses, articles for weddings have also been exhibited.

    Sinapore begins celebration of lunar new year

    Customers pick out ornaments for lunar new year in a store in the China Town in Singapore, Jan. 15, 2004. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended the lighting-on ceremony in the China Town Saturday night, which marked the beginning of the celebration of lunar new year for Singaporeans. The China Town is a traditional place here for new year celebration.

    Saudi Arab holds military parade for hajj security

    Members of Saudi Arabian honor guard receive review during a military parade for hajj security outside Islamic holy city Mecca in Saudi Arabia on Jan. 15, 2005. Saudi Interior Minister Nayef Ibn Abdul-Aziz and other officials attended the event on Saturday. The annual hajj pilgrimage will begin from Jan. 18. With waves of pilgrims to converge on the holy city of Mecca, security is listed as the top priority of the government.

    Australian national mourning day for tsunami victims

    A national flag flies at half-mast on the building of Australian Federal Parliament in Canberra, Australia Jan. 16, 2005. Australia declared Sunday as national mourning day for all the victims in the tsunami of Indian Ocean. National flags across the country were flown at half-mast.

    Penguins, the special guests for the Shenyang ice and snow festival

    Penguins enjoy themselves in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, Jan. 16, 2005. Six Penguins from a zoo in northeast China's city of Dalian will be on show for a whole week as the special guests for the ice and snow festival here. They will have a special snowhouse as well as feeding and medical nursing.

    Ren Hui creates Universiade record in women's 500m speed skating

    The gold medallist Chinese sprinter Ren Hui (C) is on the podium with the silver medallist Van Der Star Sanne (L) from the Netherlands and the bronze medallist Aya Kajiki from Japan as she coasted to victory with a new games record in the World Universiade women's 500 meters speed skating.

    Japan's SDF joins the tsunami relief in Banda Aech

    A Japanese military official stands upon their arrival on the apron of Banda Aech airport in Indonesia, Jan. 16, 2005. A contingent of 20 members of Japan's Self-Defense Forces landed here on Sunday to join the tsunami relief effort, launching what will become Japan's biggest military deployment for disaster assistance since WWII.

    US army release 81 Afghans

    An Afghan man to be released waves to people in Afghanistan Jan. 16, 2005. The US army in Afghanistan released a group of 81 Afghans from its main base in Bagram and handed them over to Afghan Supreme Court where they were set free Sunday. It is the first-ever large group released by the US military from the holding facilities inside Afghanistan.

    Zhang Yimou compete for the Golden Globe

    Chinese director Zhang Yimou of film "House of Flying Daggers" addresses a round table discussion in a theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, US on Jan. 15, 2005, a day before the 62nd annual Golden Globe awards. The American Cinematheque invited directors of the five nominees for the "best foreign picture" award to hold the round table discussion and to meet the public here on Saturday.

    Funeral of Song Renqiong held in Beijing

    Chinese President Hu Jintao attends the funeral of Song Renqiong, a former leading official of the Communist Party of China, in Beijing Jan. 15, 2005.

    Third batch of Chinese relief aid in Sri Lanka

    An airport staff worker examines the newly-arrived relief goods from China at an airport of Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, on Jan. 15, 2005. The third batch of Chinese relief aid to the tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka arrives here on Saturday. The aid items cover 770 sets of gasoline generators, a huge package of food and medicine.

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