China sends seven tons of Muslim food to tsunami-hit areas

China has sent about seven tons of Muslim food to the tsunami-hit areas among batches of other relief materials, according to Beijing Yueshengzhai Muslim Food Co., Ltd., one of China's major Muslim Food producer.

Since many victims in the tsunami-hit areas are believers of Islam, Chinese government has paid special attention to providing Muslim food for the affected areas.

Beijing Yueshengzhai Muslim Food Company Limited, the oldest of its kind in China, became the only one appointed by the government to provide Muslim food for the tsunami-hit areas.

About seven tons or 31,200 packets of Muslim food have been sent to the affected areas.

"We have been working day and night to produce sufficient and high quality Muslim food for the victims in the tsunami-hit areas, as is the minor contribution we could do for them," said Ma Qiang, a Hui worker with the food company.

"The food production in Yueshengzhai follows Islam rules strictly and the food could only be sent out of factory after clearly tagged with Muslim marks and quarantine marks. Meanwhile, nearly 60 percent of the staff are Hui people and they could help monitor each production step closely," said Shi Jianjun, general manager of Yueshengzhai.

Yueshengzhai, with about 230 years of history, is China's oldest Muslim food producer. The company plans to produce ten tons of relief food in preparation for further possible order from the government.

Source: Xinhua

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