China to add medical aid to Sri Lanka

China is stepping up its medical aid efforts to Sri Lanka by sending another medical group to Hikkaduwa, a tsunami-hit town some 90 kilometers off the country's capital Colombo.

The four-member medical group, consisting of three from Macao and one from Beijing, will reach the resort town early Saturday morning. They are expected to join the 14-member Chinese medical team who have been working in Hikkaduwa since they arrived there Monday, said Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Sun Guoxiang.

The medical team has treated 600 post-tsunami patients, an average of 200 each day. Most of the patients suffer from respiratory disease, injuries and strain of muscle due to desperate runaway in tidal waves, said a surgeon in the refugee camp.

Besides, another batch of medicine from China will arrive at the town on Friday evening to solve the medicine shortage. "The medicine mainly involves those for fever, flu, diarrhea and epidemic-prevention," said team leader Wang Bingqiang.

The Chinese ambassador flew to the town by a helicopter arranged by Sri Lankan president, saying the Chinese government and people thank the team staff for their great job.

"We hope you all can continue your rescue assistance to Sri Lankan people though there are difficulties everywhere," said Sun.

The team, the largest one in this area and the first one sent by government, has won great prestige around the southern part of the island.

Source: Xinhua

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