100,000 foreigners come to work in China

The number of foreigners coming to work in China has increased dramatically in recent years. Statistics from relevant departments show that at present there are approximately 100,000 such workers. In the first 11 months of 2004, Shanghai approved applications from 10,000 foreigners for work in the city, while the number of applicants approved by Beijing increased by 30 percent over 2003. According to an official with the labor department, the actual number was far greater than the said figure due to the statistical problems.

These foreign employees are distributed mainly in Beijing and Shanghai municipalities, and Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. There are 16,000 foreigners working in various professions and trades and having applied for employment licenses in Beijing, while the number in Shanghai has reached 27,000.

These foreign workers came mostly from Japan and European and American developed countries, and the number of those from Southeast Asian countries, Australia and India has also increased year by year. Among them, 92.7 percent have had a university education level or above, most of them are engaged in higher management or in high-tech industry.

"China plans to amend and improve relevant laws concerning foreigners working in China this year so as to provide foreign talents with better service and more opportunities," noted an official with the Chinese Ministry of Personnel. "Since its entry into the WTO, China has created plentiful job opportunities for high-end foreign talents, and the Chinese government will actively create better working conditions for them," added the official.

By People's Daily Online

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