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News Archive --- Date:20050106


  • Chinese state councilor meets world-famous conductor Seiji Ozawa (19:12, January 06)
  • Scholar slashes Taiwan independence (19:01, January 06)
  • China to train plasma professionals for third world countries (19:03, January 06)
  • First group of Chinese peace-keeping force home from Liberia (19:06, January 06)
  • China proposes seminar on tsunami warning system (19:08, January 06)
  • Thailand to set up a consulate office in Chengdu  (16:26, January 06)
  • Chinese online media unveil top int'l, domestic news 2004  (15:48, January 06)
  • China, Botswana exchange congratulations on 30th anniversary of ties (14:30, January 06)
  • CPC delegation leaves on Mideast visits (14:07, January 06)
  • China helps Thailand in DNA tests (11:20, January 06)
  • Chinese medical workers join WHO aid team (11:18, January 06)
  • Hong Kong residents still being sought (11:14, January 06)
  • Ambassador thanks China for offers of help (11:12, January 06)
  • Digital coordinates of 2004 (09:08, January 06)
  • A draft on tests to be issued (07:48, January 06)
  • President Hu accepts credentials from five new ambassadors (07:03, January 06)
  • Hu: To build armed police "powerful and civilized force"  (08:40, January 07)
  • Draft amendment to regulation on petitions passed in principle (07:54, January 06)
  • China's CPC starts internal education campaign (07:01, January 06)
  • China to continue its population control policy (07:02, January 06)
  • Progressive development a common wish: official (07:37, January 06)
  • China welcomes 1.3 billionth citizen (07:03, January 06)
  • Chinese vice-premier meets Japanese minister (07:41, January 06)

  • Business

  • Nuclear application becomes a new growth point (16:10, January 06)
  • Merrill's China fund falls flat on weak market (14:23, January 06)
  • Regulator issues new rules on IPO sponsors (14:25, January 06)
  • Central bank may spur lending if necessary (14:27, January 06)
  • China targets 15% money supply growth (12:21, January 06)
  • Boeing delivers 285 commercial airplanes in 2004 (12:11, January 06)
  • Leading shipping company donates 10-mln yuan to tsunami victims (11:52, January 06)
  • Top 10 commercial cities in Chinese mainland unveiled  (11:52, January 06)
  • TV maker Changhong takes US partner to court (08:47, January 06)
  • Bank focuses on wealth management business (08:46, January 06)
  • Car makers greet 2005 with price cuts (08:44, January 06)
  • Chinese trade unions to help poverty-stricken families (07:25, January 06)
  • China offers more tax refunds for high-tech exports (07:26, January 06)
  • Qinghai Oilfield produces 4 million tons of oil and gas (12:17, January 06)
  • Official: Link REIT won't affect other privatization plans (07:29, January 06)
  • Chinese overseas investment hit 1.8 bln US dollars from Jan. to Nov. (12:16, January 06)
  • CEPA lures investment into HK: official (07:32, January 06)

  • World

  • Japan to dispatch maritime force for tsunami relief operation (08:50, January 07)
  • UN needs $977 mln emergency relief for tsunami-hit countries (08:50, January 07)
  • Leaders call for global response to tsunami disaster (08:50, January 07)
  • Chinese medical squad brings laughter and comfort to tsunami-stricken aeras (16:15, January 06)
  • US dissolves tsunami "core group" of nations  (15:45, January 06)
  • Al-Yawar asks for UN decision on elections (15:47, January 06)
  • Powell to visit Sri Lanka on Friday (15:48, January 06)
  • Int'l community grateful for China's tsunami aid efforts: Annan  (14:42, January 06)
  • Int'l aid continues to pour in for tsunami-hit regions  (14:34, January 06)
  • UN chief calls for global response to catastrophe (14:33, January 06)
  • US military to probe abuse allegations at Guantanamo (14:16, January 06)
  • Tsunami death toll must not be allowed to rise: Susilo (14:19, January 06)
  • Annan: "unprecedented" disaster takes unprecedented cooperation (13:10, January 06)
  • Iran agrees on UN inspection of military site (12:19, January 06)
  • Hundred of USFK to be sent to tsunami-hit region (12:10, January 06)
  • Suicide bombings kill 21 in Iraq (11:48, January 06)
  • Annan: Tsunami death toll likely over 150,000 (11:46, January 06)
  • Special meeting on tsunami relief efforts begins in Jakarta (11:46, January 06)
  • DPRK government decides to render emergency relief aid (10:36, January 06)
  • Australia pledges $764M in trunami relief (10:36, January 06)
  • Premier Wen urges tsunami rescuers to continue hard work  (11:37, January 06)
  • Bush donates 10,000 dollars to tsunami relief  (11:37, January 06)
  • Premier Wen promises more aid to tsunami-hit countries (11:42, January 06)
  • France to attend ASEAN emergency summit (11:38, January 06)
  • Kuchma accepts Yanukovych's resignation  (11:48, January 06)
  • Ukrainian president dismisses government (08:13, January 06)
  • 6,000 East Jerusalem Arabs registered to vote (08:21, January 06)
  • Albanian government provides 500,000 US dollar for tsunami-hit nations (11:38, January 06)
  • US to send delegation to observe Palestinian elections (08:18, January 06)

  • Opinion

  • A "Beijing expert" from America (13:25, January 06)
  • PD editorial calls for keeping advanced nature of Party members (11:26, January 06)
  • China is "confident" and "effective" to tsunami victims in international assistance (08:20, January 06)
  • Establish a healthy system for assessment on administrative achievement  (08:08, January 06)

  • Sports

  • Suns beat Rockets, 108-98  (15:50, January 06)
  • Real win mini-match  (15:26, January 06)
  • 92 Chinese athletes to participate in Winter Universiade (12:12, January 06)
  • Beijing Olympic Special published by PD Overseas Edition (09:06, January 06)
  • Cavs buyer downplays 1981 gambling arrest  (08:38, January 06)
  • FIFA to test new device watching goal line (08:07, January 06)
  • Chinese doping center ratified for 16th consecutive year (08:02, January 06)
  • FIFA, AFC collect 3 million US dollars for tsunami sufferers (07:59, January 06)

  • Science & Technology

  • Shenzhou-VI to blast off in Autumn (16:34, January 06)
  • Expedition team encounters snow storm (15:54, January 06)
  • Chinese scientists find new HLA allele (15:56, January 06)
  • Schools aid foreign students from tsunami-hit countries (15:30, January 06)
  • Science park revenue to hit new high (08:36, January 06)

  • Life

  • Environment prize draws expats  (14:31, January 06)
  • Death toll from road accident in Qinghai rises to 55  (14:33, January 06)
  • Hong Kong people open their wallets  (14:34, January 06)
  • Five hundred Chinese tourists to spend Spring Festival in Egypt (12:17, January 06)
  • Ice festival starts in Harbin (11:01, January 06)
  • Stolen calligraphy recovered in Beijing (11:03, January 06)
  • Film industry reshuffle slated for June (10:56, January 06)
  • Mother's pain tinged with hope (10:54, January 06)
  • China to invest 6 million US dollars to protect Kunqu Opera  (10:51, January 06)
  • Guangdong urges flu prevention for residents  (10:50, January 06)
  • Shanghai Concert Hall to mark 75th birthday  (08:17, January 06)
  • Beijing tackles sudden snow in new year   (08:21, January 06)

  • Photo

    India ready for reconstruction work

    Indian soldiers help to push a truck transporting relief materials out of sand in a village in India¡¯s southern state of Tamil Nadu Jan. 4, 2005. As the rubble-clearing work in the tsunami-stricken areas in India came to an end, reconstruction in those areas was ready to start.

    Chinese peacekeepers to Liberia return home

    Chinese troops attend a welcome ceremony at the Taoxian Airport, Shenyang on Jan 5th. The first batch of Chinese peacekeeping troops returned home that day after accomplishing their mission in Liberia.

    Europeans mourn for tsunami victims

    Employees at the European Commission and the EU Parliament observe three minutes of silence in honor of the Asian tsunami victims in Brussels Jan. 5, 2005. Europeans observed three minutes silence on Wednesday with mass tributes at busy railway stations, bustling stock exchanges, homes and offices in memory of the tens of thousands who died in Asia's tsunami disaster.

    Beijing tackles first snow in 2005

    The truck sprayed snow-melting agents on the Chang'an Avenue, Beijing on Jan 5th, 2005. Heavy snow began to fall Wednesday afternoon in Beijing. According to the emergency plan, relevant departments sent vehichles and workers to clear snow on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ring roads and 88 flyovers. The traffic police also strenghtened traffic administration to guarantee the order.

    Powell visits tsunami-hit countries

    US Secretary of State Colin Powell talks to US medical workers in Banda Aceh, capital of the tsunami-ravaged Indonesian province of Aceh, Jan. 5, 2005. Powell is touring the tsunami-hit countries to make relief assessments. He will attend the the Special ASEAN Leaders' Meeting on the Aftermath of Earthquake and Tsunami, which will be held in Jakarta on Jan. 6.

    Chinese medical teams work in Thailand, Sri Lanka

    Chinese doctors operate on a tsunami victim in Patong in Phuket, south Thailand, Jan. 5, 2005. The Chinese medical team arrived in tsunami-stricken Patong on Jan. 4 and started relief work at once.

    Abbas receives warm welcome home

    Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief Mahmoud Abbas (C) and local religious leaders join hands to acknowledge supporters' cheers in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Jan. 4, 2005. Mahmoud Abbas, the mainstream Fatah movement's candidate to run in the Jan. 9 election, got back to Ramallah Tuesday after four days' campaign in the Gaza Strip.

    Sri Lanka official thanks China for assistance

    Moulana (2nd L Front), senior advisor to the Sri Lankan president, meets with Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Sun Guoxiang (2nd R Front) in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, Jan. 5, 2005. Moulana expressed gratitude of the Sri Lankan government and people to the Chinese people for their assistance after Sri Lanka was hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami occurring on Dec. 26, 2004.

    Iraqi general election to be held as sheduled: Allawi

    Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi speaks during a press conference in Baghdad, Jan. 5, 2005. Allawi said that the country's general elections would be held on Jan. 30 as scheduled in spite of the turbulence.

    The international earthquake and tsunami summit to kick off in Jakarta

    Photo taken on Jan. 5, 2005 shows the outer view of the Convention Center in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, Jan. 5, 2005. The international earthquake and tsunami summit will be held at the Convention Center on Jan. 6.

    President Hu meets with representatives of armed police party committee

    Hu Jintao (2nd L Front), general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, meets with the participants of an enlarged meeting of the CPC Committee of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force in Beijing Jan. 5, 2005.

    Premier Wen meets with leaders in Jakarta

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L) shakes hands with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (R) in Jakarta Jan. 5, 2005. Premier Wen arrived here to attend the Special ASEAN Leaders' Meeting on Aftermath of Earthquake and Tsunami.

    China welcomes 1.3 billionth citizen

    Medical staffers hold a newly-born baby boy at a hospital in Beijing Jan.6, 2005. The lucky baby counted China's 1.3 billionth citizen.

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