Chinese Red Cross to make third donation to tsunami-hit countries

The Red Cross Society of China has decided to offer another emergent donation totaled 340,000d US dollars for the six severely tsunami-hit countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar and Maldives.

It is the third time for the Chinese Red Cross Society to donate for the disaster-hit areas with a total value of 640 thousand US dollars.

It called for the whole country to provide humanitarian aid for those disaster-hit countries, and asked the red cross at all levels to raise donation. It also released its account number for the donation.

The Chinese Red Cross Society has made its first and second donation to the disaster-hit areas on Dec. 27 and Dec. 30.

The death toll from the Sunday's powerful 8.7-degree earthquake and the tsunami has reached 87,000, while the figure kept increasing.

Source: Xinhua

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