China to send quake rescue team to Indonesia

The Chinese government announced that it send a rescue team to tsunami-ravaged Indonesia Thursday to help emergency aid efforts.

According to the State Seismological Bureau, the team will comprise 30 experienced members with rescue equipment and related goods.

"This is the third time that the Chinese International Rescue Team has gone overseas

for emergency rescue aid move. It was sent to Algeria and Iran in 2003 when they were tremored by devastating earthquakes," said Zhao Heping, deputy director general of the Bureau and also head of the team.

The bureau also sent a member to Sri Lanka to assist the United Nations personnel to evaluate the disaster, he said.

On Dec. 26, a tsunami, caused by a 8.7 magnitude earthquake, rock many coastal countries in south and southeast Asia and Africa. According to reports, deadly tidal waves have killed at least 80,000 local residents and tourists. In Indonesia, the death toll has reached 33,000.

Source: Xinhua

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