China to substantially increase aid to tsunami-hit countries

China decided on Wednesday night to substantially increase its emergent assistance to the tsunami-hit countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held on in Beijing on December 29 a joint meeting at night with leading officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health, China Seismological Bureau and army units, and discussed substantially increasing relief supplies and spot exchange to the disaster-hit countries.

During the meeting, they decided to take further aid measures: to set up an medical treatment team with more than 100 personnel which is ready to head for those countries within 24 hours in case it is needed.

The field hospital as well as the search and rescue group of China's international rescue team has been ready to leave for the tsunami-hit countries.

The Ministry of Commerce will work with relevant departments to prepare and send the additional relief supplies.

Meanwhile, the Chinese experts will continue to join the rescue team of international organizations such as the World Health Organization, and head for the disaster areas.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao set great store by the aid to tsunami-hit countries and they instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs time and again on the aid to the disaster-hit countries and people.

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