China's auto giant sets record in auto sales

The First Automobile Works (FAW) Group Company, one of China's leading automobile producers, has made a new record of selling more than 1 million motor vehicles this year, becoming China's largest automotive manufacturer.

The move indicates that the Chinese automaker has an enormous scale to compete with its counterparts abroad. It will bring along development of related industries and lay a foundation for achieving the objective of "high quality and low cost", a Chinese expert said.

Half of the 1 million automobiles bear the brands which are completely owned by the FAW itself, said An Dewu, FAW deputy general manager. Other brands are held by FAW-involved joint ventures.

To meet the challenges of market depression and high oil price, the FAW have endeavored to cut production cost, develop new products and promote automobiles which consume less energy and produce less pollutants.

FAW group, based in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province, has sold 169,000 heavy-duty trucks, 50,000 Mazda and Hongqi (red flag) sedan cars, 95,000 Toyota cars, 300,000 Volkswagen cars and 130,000 Xiali (Charade) cars so far this year.

It has also built 2,888 service centers across the country.

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