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UPDATED: 16:20, December 15, 2004
Do better macro-control in an energetic way, PD Commentary
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Guided with the scientific point of view for development we've harvested remarkable achievements through the continuous enhancement of macro-control level in over a year in the past. And in the meantime we've come to get a deeper understanding in the macro-control measures.

Practice has made us to understand further that in the development of the socialist market economy and pushing ahead the modernization construction the market mechanism and the macro-control are complementing each other. The market mechanism and the macro-control both constitute the organic components of the socialist market economic system.

The macro-control will go through the whole process of reform and opening to the outside world and the modernization construction and there is no such a thing as to when the macro-control will be put to an end. We must from the beginning to the end give full play to the primary role of the market in the distribution of resources and in the process we have to strengthen and improve in a continuous way the macro-control measures in accordance with the changing situation in economic operation, both of them being indispensable.

When we are giving play to the market mechanism we must pay high attention to its weak point but we must abide voluntarily by the rules of the market economy when strengthening and improving the macro-control measures. Only by correctly handling and giving play to the role of the market mechanism and by strengthening and improving the macro-control measures can we maintain both sufficient vitality for economic development and stability for economic operation, thereby promoting the national economy to achieve a sustainable development in a speedy, harmonious and healthy way.

The economic work this year lays its emphasis on the implementation and making sure the scientific point of view for development, strengthening and improving the macro-control measures while actively pushing ahead the reform and opening to the outside world so as to achieve a steady and stable development of economy. With regard to the new situation and new problem cropped up in economic life the central administration has decided to further strengthen and improve macro-control measures, grasp the main contradiction and the key link to curb the unhealthy and unstable factors in the economic operation in order to avoid drastic rises and falls, thus maintaining a favorable tendency in the economic development.

Now a favorable turn has taken place in the grain production in which farmers' income has achieved a quick growth. The over-speedy increase of investment in part of the economic sectors has been contained with fragile links strengthened. The economic benefit has seen a continuous rise with financial revenue and enterprise profit to increase on a big scale. With the reforms being pushed ahead the opening to the outside world has witnessed a continuous expansion and we've also seen the progress made in the work of employment and reemployment with the livelihood of the people further improved. All these achievements obtained indicate that we've once again set a firm step forward along the road for the building of a well-off society. Facts speak eloquently that the macro-control policy and measures taken by the central administration are farsighted, quite positive and timely, correct and effective.

Nevertheless, we should also be aware that the achievement obtained by way of strengthening and improving the macro-control measures is only preliminary and periodical while the outstanding contradiction and problem in the economic operation still remain radically unsolved; the systematic obstacles that hindered the economic development is not yet eradicated and the long and deep-rooted contradictions in the social-economic development is still there in existence.

This shows that the result gained in the macro-control is still unstable and is likely to relapse with all achievements lost in case of negligence and if so we have to recover them by spending a longer time, adopting more forceful macro-control measures and paying out a greater cost.

In the meanwhile, there are many weak links in the social-economic development to be strengthened continuously and the problems cropped up need to be solved in time. All these require us to strengthen and improve macro-control measures unswervingly without slackening our efforts, and grasp correctly the key points and the tenacity in enforcing the macro-control measures, thereby increasing the purposiveness and effectiveness of the macro-control measures.

To do better the macro-control, differential treatment must be exercised next year, i.e. to put into practice a principle of helping something up and clamping others down and along with the changing economic situation to enforce and emphasize well the macro-control measures. The role of the market mechanism must be brought to full play with greater attention paid to exploiting the economic and legal method and practicing well the economic pivot, namely the means of prices, taxation and financial subsidies and so on and so forth and to set greater store by deepening the reform to make standardized and systematized the macro-control measures proved effective in the actual practice. The macro-control economic policy is orientated to bring into force a smooth and steady financial and currency policy, strengthen the coordinated cooperation of all macro-control economic measures with a reasonable control over the overall volume and the emphasis to be laid on the adjustment of structure.

To take an overall view in maintaining and exploiting well the strategic opportunity of importance all Party comrades must have a full recognition of the necessity, prolongation and arduousness of the macro-control policy under the condition of socialist market economy, therefore, consolidating voluntarily the conscientiousness in carrying out well all policies of the Party, implementing fully the scientific viewpoint for development with continuous efforts to be made on strengthening and improving the macro-control measures, thereby consolidating and developing further the fine situation hardly come by.

By People's Daily Online

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