China sets energy, resources saving as one of key economic targets

A national economic meeting attended by China's top policy-makers has decided to set energy and resources saving as one of the important targets of optimizing the country's economic structure.

The Central Economic Work Conference, an annual event that sets major economic strategy and policy for the coming year, called for resolute measures to put an end to the current economic development mode characterized by high consumption of energy and resources, heavy pollution and low economic returns, and strive for a complete transformation of the economic growth mode.

China will develop a resources-efficient development mode with Chinese characteristics through attaching importance to resources development and saving, and giving priority to resources and energy saving, promoting recycling economy to gradually create saving-oriented industrial and consumption structures, according to the strategy adopted at the three-day meeting, which concluded Sunday .

Saving energy and resources is part of the four-point measures the meeting adopted to readjust China's economic structure.

Aside from energy and resources saving, the meeting listed improving the capability of innovation on its own as the "central link" of pushing forward structural readjustment.

China will improve its technological research and development system, continue to import, absorb advanced technology while striving for innovation, perfect its policy mechanism that encourages innovation, and cultivate various professionals with strong capability for innovation, according to the strategy.

The meeting has decided to step up China's economic structural readjustment through attaching importance to the "important links" that have impact on structural optimization and coordinated development.

The other two measures China will take to facilitate structural readjustment are boosting urbanization in a healthy way and striving for coordinated regional development.

Under the strategy, China, which is in the important period of accelerated urbanization, will properly handle the relations between the urban and the rural areas, protect and save its land resources and safeguard the legitimate rights of farmers, and properly control the speed of urbanization.

It described promoting urbanization in a healthy way as an important part of the structural readjustment strategy.

The meeting also stressed the importance of coordinated regional economic development, saying it is an important task of the structural readjustment.

China will continue its strategy to develop its vast but impoverished western area, reinvigorate the rusty industrial belt in northeast China, and promote development of the middle part of the country, while encouraging the coastal area take the lead in economic development for common development.

The meeting called for efforts to give full play to the important role of the market mechanism in regional development, and the comparative advantages of various regions while increasing assistance to economically underdeveloped areas and other areas in need.

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