Moldovan ambassador called to Russian foreign ministry

Moscow is concerned over sharp and hasty pronouncements of Moldovan officials regarding Russia of late.

Moldova's ambassador to Moscow Vladimir Curkan was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday, Tass learned from the ministry. The Russian side asked for explanations for sallies against the Russian ambassador contained in the Moldovan Foreign Ministry's November 24 statement for the press regarding the news conference held in the Russian embassy in Chisinau one of these days.

"The Russian side expressed perplexity over the ostentatious attempts to accuse the Russian ambassador of violating the demands of diplomatic ethics and norms of the 1961 Vienna convention", the ministry noted. It was pointed out to the Moldovan ambassador that such accusations lack proof, that nothing in the contents and form of the Russian ambassador's pronouncements has reason for such accusations.

"The Russian side invariably adheres to objective principled assessments in its relations with Moldova", the ministry noted. "The Russian side is concerned over the escalation of tension in the region of late as the Dniester conflict is not settled. Certain negative encrustations are seen in Russo-Moldovan relations. They are not in keeping with the proclaimed course at the development of relations between the two countries", the ministry says.

"Moldovan officials make sharp and hasty statements regarding Russia", the Russian Foreign Ministry noted. "They call in question Russia's role as the unbiased mediator at the talks and assert that the 'five-lateral format' has allegedly become ineffective". "All this cannot but cause concern", the ministry says.

Source: Itar-Tass

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