Sunshine Project successfully transfers 1.2m rural surplus laborers

The "Sunshine Project of Transfer and Training of Rural Labor" jointly implemented by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Construction has won initial success. The project has thus far trained 1.5 million rural surplus laborers and successfully transferred 1.2 million people and the rate of employment stood above 80 percent.

An official with the Science and Education Department under Ministry of Agriculture reveals that incomplete statistics show the central government has allocated 250 million yuan to subsidize the training of rural laborers. The financial departments of various provinces across the country have also allocated 300 million yuan and the six ministries have collectively launched demonstration training in 26 provinces and municipalities including Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing and Henan and 1,393 counties, county-level cities and districts) under the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of the PLA and Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau. Each participant is given a subsidy of 100 yuan, which directly benefits farmers. These funds put in place have dramatically accelerated the training and employment of rural labor force nationwide.

Currently, there are 150 million surplus laborers in rural China and a new labor force of over 6 million each year. Among the said rural manpower, 87.8 percent have an educational level of junior high and below, and only 0.52 percent of them have a college or higher education. Among them, only 9.1 percent have received professional training. The official also notes that strengthening training for farmers, improving the quality of rural laborers and enhancing their working capability are key to increasing incomes for rural surplus labor and accelerating their stable transfer to non-agricultural sectors and towns.

It is said that many farmers, who long for going to work elsewhere but are hampered by the lack of connections and skills, have found study opportunities and work posts by aid of the "Sunshine Project". Heilongjiang Province has not only met the preset targets, but has also allocated another 20 million yuan outside provincial financial budget to train 100,000 more people. Some other provinces have, by means of radio, television, newspapers and magazines and network, provided farmers with training in knowledge about basic right-and-interest protection, law, city life as well as employment, thus enlarging the coverage of training.

By People's Daily Online

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