Belgian army to set up logistic base in Uganda

The Belgian army will establish a base at Entebbe, 40 km south of the Ugandan capital of Kampala to provide military logistic support to Belgian military peacekeepersin the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

According to The New Vision newspaper on Wednesday, visiting Belgian Foreign Minister Karen de Guth made the announcement aftermeeting Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday.

Guth said the base would be in place next year.

The United Nations Security Council recently voted to increase the number of peacekeepers in the DRC to boost the UN observer mission in the country (MONUC).

Guth said the biggest challenge to the DRC is the struggle to unite the various armed groups in the country, adding that Belgiumsupports integration of Congolese rebel armies into the national army which will promote stability the war-torn country.

Museveni said Uganda could train the united Congolese army if asked to.

"The Congo process needs fast-tracking because we need a state there. We need an organized authority over the territory and the army is the greatest pillar before others can come in. A country without an army is dangerous," he added.

Museveni and Guth on Tuesday held talks in Kampala on issues inthe Great Lakes region particularly the political transition in the DRC and the peace process in Burundi.

Source: Xinhua

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