China builds most advanced solar battery company

One of China's major new and high technology enterprises, the Nanjing Photovoltaic Solar Energy Co.,LTD under the Chinese Electricity Equipment Group, has begun construction with an initial investment of about 30 million US dollars.

As the country's biggest and most advanced solar battery producer, the company will have an annual production capacity of thirty megawatts of solar battery panel and a sales revenue of about 1.5 billion yuan, or about 180 million US dollars.

The CEO of the company, Zhao Jianhua says the core technology of solar battery lies in the photoelectricity transfer ratio.

Zhao once led a research group in Australia to design and produce high efficiency silicon solar battery which has stayed as the world's most advanced for fifteen years straight.

Cars powered by this type of battery can keep running for up to 3,000 kilometers.


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