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UPDATED: 16:52, September 30, 2004
FM: China firmly opposes US consolidating military ties with Taiwan
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Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said in New York Tuesday that China attaches importance to the US' repeated iteration that it sticks to the "One China" policy, abides by the three China-US joint communiques and opposes "Taiwan Independence". In the meanwhile China firmly opposes the US' promoting sales of advanced arms to China's Taiwan and strengthening its military ties with Taiwan. If the US insists on its wrongful act it would threaten the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, hurt the China-US relations and eventually harm the US' own interests.

Li Zhaoxing, who is attending the 59th UN General Assembly, accepted an exclusive interview by Fan Dongsheng, director of the China Press, at the residence of the Chinese delegation to the UN Tuesday.

Li Zhaoxing said during the interview that the development of the China-US relations has been generally good recently. State leaders of the two countries maintain frequent exchanges and communications. China and the United States have been conducting effective consultation, coordination and cooperation in important areas such as anti-terrorism, trade and economics, the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsular and the reconstruction of Iraq. And these accord with the interests of the both countries as well as the peace and stability of the Asia/Pacific region and the world as a whole.

He said both China and the US are big countries with significant influence in the world. The two countries have differences but share even broader common interests. During the 25 years since the establishment, the diplomatic relationship between the two countries has experienced ups and downs, but has kept a general forward development trend. Developing stable China-US relations is China's wish as well as the common understanding of the US Republican party, Democratic party, the government and the public. China is willing to, together with the US, make continued effort to grasp common interests, enhance exchange and cooperation, give considerations to each other and, on the basis of the principles established in the three China-US joint communiques and the basic international relationship norms, promote the stable and forward development of the China-US constructive and cooperative relationship. He hopes that the US would fulfill its promises with actual act.

Regarding the US' arms sales to Taiwan Li Zhaoxing said the US government made clear promise in the China-US Joint Communique on US arms Sales to Taiwan (Communique of August 17, 1982) in 1982 that it would gradually reduce arms sales to Taiwan and eventually settle the question. However, the US has for a long time kept selling large amount of advanced arms to Taiwan - an act in grave violation of the three China-US joint communiques, particularly the Communique of August 17, 1982. This has harmed China's national security and peaceful reunification cause and has created serious obstacles for the development of the China-US relations. Li pointed out that the US should recognize the sensibility of the Taiwan question and the harmfulness of arms sales to Taiwan; deliver the promises repeatedly iterated by the US leadership and government such as to stick to the "One China" policy, abide by the three China-US joint communiques and oppose "Taiwan Independence" etc.; stop official exchange with the Taiwan authorities; end arms sales to and military ties with Taiwan; and cease supporting China's Taiwan to join international organizations consisting only of sovereign states, so as to contribute to the peace across the Taiwan Strait and the healthy and stable development of the China-US relations.

Regarding the Taiwan leaders' continued use of "transits" in the US for diplomacy Li Zhaoxing said the Taiwan authorities' stock-in-trade - to conduct activities aimed at splitting China and ruining the China-US relations in the pretext of "transit" is resolutely opposed by China. We urge the US to earnestly carry out its promise to stick to the "One China" policy, stop any kind of official exchange and contact with the Taiwan authorities, disallow Taiwan politicians engaging in any activities aimed at splitting China and ruining the China-US relations in the pretext of "transit" in the US.

With regard to the six-party talks on the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsular Li Zhaoxing said some new complications have emerged in the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsular and the peace talks have encountered some difficulties. Sticking to the peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue through dialogues and realizing denuclearization on the Korean Peninsular is the most important common understanding reached so far by the six-party talks. It is conducive to maintaining sustained peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia, and accords with the fundamental interests of the parties concerned. China is willing to make continued, active and persistent effort to mediate and bring about the peace talks and promote the progress. As a permanent seat in the UN Security Council China has always been playing an active role in the settlement of regional conflicts and international issues. China is willing to further strengthen cooperation with various countries in this respect.

By People's Daily Online

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