Taiwan intends to buy from America INS Dolphin

As authenticated by Taiwan's "Ministry of National Defense" for the first time, the submarine Taiwan bought from the United States is able to launch Tomahawk Cruise Missile with the submarine as the launching base. A general from Taiwan said bluntly that the submarine would be the sole attacking weapon in the "anti-pinpoint warfare" against the mainland, Chinataiwan.org reported on September 19.

As media in Taiwan reported, a military purchase budget entitled "Love Taiwan, Protect Home" began in mid-September to be passed around inside Taiwan authorities. According to the information about military purchase obtained by Taiwan media, the United States put forward the plan for the "US-made German submarine" i.e. INS (Israeli Naval Ship) Dolphin-Class submarine now in use in Israel, requesting that Taiwan authorities hand over the important equipment of the submarine after specifications selection to the US side to bring back home for evaluation.

Before that, Antonio Chiang, the former "deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council", and "advisory committee member" Ke Cheng-heng, went to the United States and Israel to view on the spot INS Dolphin.

INS Dolphin Submarine was designed by the well-known German Ingenieurkontor Lubeck (IKL) especially for Israel and was jointly built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG (HDW) and a North Sea shipyard. More importantly, since the US investment company has completed its HDW shareholding, US military authority is likely to bypass German laws to transfer to Taiwan the key technologies in the design and manufacture of the submarine. If Taiwan finally chose INS Dolphin or other HDW submarines, it would be possible that it adopts the key components produced by HDW, which will be assembled by Taiwan's "China Shipbuilding Corporation".

By People's Daily Online

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