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UPDATED: 08:28, August 24, 2004
A good example to developing countries, Interview
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On the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's birthday, Assistant Secretary General of the ruling Syrian al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Abdullah al-Ahmar had an interview with People's Daily's reporter in Damascus and paid his respect to Deng Xiaoping, the great man of the 20th century. He highly praised Deng is not only a great thinker and practitioner, but also an inventor and has set a good example to developing countries.

Mr al-Almar said, there emerged a batch of very outstanding personalities of the 20th century in China and her entire river of history. Their thinking and practice have exerted impact not only on the development and progress of China, but also on the world's ideological sphere. It is no doubt that Deng Xiaoping is one of the most outstanding and greatest men among them. Deng Xiaoping is a famous architect of the reforms and opening up policy in the modernization construction of China. The reforms and opening up to the outside world as well as the modernization concepts and theories put forward by Deng at that historical conditions are pioneering work, which have been implemented and finalized with great achievements. They did not give rise to social unrest and risks like other countries. Deng Xiaoping is the outstanding representative of the second-generation leaders of new China. He has extraordinary insight and undaunted audacity. He created the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and defended and developed socialist concepts and theories. It is no doubt a great historical beginning. It tells people that in socialist society people's mind needs to be emancipated. It is a necessary road for mankind to go in the great development process.

Al-Ahmar evaluated that Deng Xiaoping not only expounded the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and but also made successful practice in China. Because of this, he is an ideologist or a practitioner. It is the most amazing for him to put forward a great concept of "One Country, Two Systems" concerning the important issue of national unification, which is also unprecedented. So we say he is also a great inventor. The strategist idea of "One Country, Two Systems"has made Chinese Hong Kong and Macao back to their motherland, finishing the transition from theory to practice. It proves that it is not only a theory, but also a scientific way to settle problems. It can be deeply believed that China will achieve their motherland's unification ultimately in accordance with this theory.

On the relations between Syria and China, al-Almar said al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and the Syrian people pay great attention to the principled stand on the important issue of China's unification. For the Chinese nation and other nations as well, the unification of the great motherland is the biggest goal to achieve.

When speaking of the development mode and achievements of China's reforms and opening to the outside world, al-Ahmar is full of praise. Al-Ahmar, who will pay his fifth visit to China in coming September, said that I feel honored to have many opportunities to visit China, and meet Chinese leaders in Beijing and Damascus, which helps enhance and develop the traditional goodwill relations between Syria and China. The June visit by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to China has turned a new page for the cooperative relations of the two countries in various areas. He said that all people including I myself who have been to China have seen for themselves the amazing achievements China has made, which is a truthful miracle. It is of more importance that China has proved to the world that it can create a complete and independent development mode with their own experience. The successful experience is worth using for reference.

At last, al-Ahmar introduced Syrian stand and opinions on the present situation of the Middle East region and the peaceful negotiations between Palestine and Israel. He said, due to the continuous occupation of Arab territory by Israel and Iraqi war, the Middle East situation, which is already tense and turbulent, would be more strained and make people feel restless. The grim situation will be not only a threat to this region but also to the safety and peace of the world.

Al-Ahmar reiterated its consistent stand towards the Middle East issue and the peaceful negotiations of Arab countries and Israel. He stressed that the entire Middle East peace must be based on UN resolutions and on the principles of international laws. Israel must be back to the borderline before the June 4 war of 1967 and Palestine must set up their independent country. He also praised China in its support for the just stand of restoring lawful national rights. He hoped China would play a greater role in maintaining world's peace and the settlement of the Middle East issue.

By People's Daily Online

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