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UPDATED: 16:11, August 20, 2004
Media: Aegis destroyer capable of offense and defense
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The United States will probably announce its sales of Aegis-class warships to Taiwan in 2005. The warship will be delivered to Taiwan at the earliest possible time in 2011, making the Island more able to cope with attacks from sea, land and air forces. Installed with the most advanced weaponry system, the Aegis destroyer will be of great help to Taiwan in its defensive capability.

As Taiwan media disclosed, so-called Aegis-class destroyers refer to all warships carrying the Aegis weaponry system, which can integrate all air, sea and underwater weapons and can simultaneously make three-dimensional spatial reactions to enemy assaults.

The Aegis destroyer is divided into active and passive weaponry systems, in respect to active weapons, the 5-inch artillery can attack fixed targets in coordination with land actions and its SLQ32 Electronic Warfare System can actively interfere with enemy fighter planes and warships, blocking the opponent's offensive.

The most important SPY phase digital Radar System installed in the mid-ship can simultaneously send out electronic impulse to detect attacks from all directions, at the same time, locating hundreds of targets and working in coordination with the MK99 Fire Control System, it vertically launches "standard" missiles to destroy the incoming enemy targets. If there is not enough time for preparation, there is here the MK36 false target launcher that can lure off enemy missiles, thereby avoiding the destruction of the commanding center.

At the stern of the ship is equipped with the harpoon anti-ship cruise missile, MK41 Vertical Launching System, and MK32 torpedo launchers, which are used to attack any enemy from the rear.

The MK41 Vertical Launching System is not only an effective attacking instrument, but also a defensive weapon capable of launching various types of missiles to fend off attacks from air and sea.

Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile and MK32 torpedo launcher are used to guard against attacks from the rear. As to underwater defense, its anti-submarine helicopter undertakes the frontline task.

The Aegis-class destroyer, with both attacking and defending capabilities, deserves the name of an all-round weapon, which can effectively break underwater blockade with its distinguishing anti-submarine capability.

Earlier, the US side had denied that it would announce sales of Aegis destroyer to Taiwan, but it claimed that the deal was still in the negotiation and evaluation stage.

By People's Daily Online

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