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UPDATED: 16:10, August 13, 2004
China to take 5 measures to curb rising trend of disproportionate sex ratio in births
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Zhang Weiqing, minister of the State Family Planning Commission, indicated on August 12: China will create a strong atmosphere of showing love for baby girls nationwide through three-five years of efforts and curb the rising trend of disproportionate sex ratio in births through comprehensive control.

At the national conference on the exchange of experience in the experimental work concerning action of showing love for baby girls, which was closed on August 12, the long-term goal of work disclosed is: A guiding mechanism beneficial to girls and the planned birth of baby girls will be universally set up throughout the country in the coming 10 to 15 years, so that a major change will be taken place in people's child-bearing concept and the sex ratio in births will tend to achieve a natural balance.

To this end, China will adopt the following measures to intensify efforts in tackling the problem concerning the rising trend of disproportionate sex ratio in births in a comprehensive manner:

--Giving wide publicity on the knowledge related to laws and regulations, knowledge about parenthood and reproductive health and various preferential policies of reward, a strong public opinion atmosphere for actions of showing love for baby girls will be created through slogans, picture posters, theatrical performances and various other means, guiding the people to change their concepts, attitudes and conducts.

--Exercising administration according to law, clearing and liquidating illegal check through ultra-sonic machines and illegal induction, and attacking criminal activities of drowning and abandoning baby girls.

--Formulating relevant policies and management systems, instituting the ��three fixed points�� work, namely, ultra-sonic and chromosomal check, induction of labor, childbirth delivery, carrying out the work of providing quality services in pre-pregnancy monitor, healthcare of pregnancy, and postnatal family visit, comprehensively raising the quality and family planning technical service and working level, and plugging loopholes in management.

--Formulating and carrying out a series of policies of rewarding and assisting families that plan to give birth to baby girls, helping these families to overcome their actual difficulties, giving financial aid to girls having difficulty in going to school to become professionals and , allowing girls and their families to have political status, economic benefit and living guarantee.

--The government has included the sex ratio of births into the contents of assessment of target responsibility; the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have listed the comprehensive tackling of the problem concerning the rising trend of disproportionate sex ratio as a topic of investigation and research or as items for supervision.

By People's Daily Online

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