Personages in Taiwan: Fascist environment is forming in Taiwan

Some personages from the cultural circles in Taiwan pointed out on August 8 that in comparison with the German history of the Second World War, the Nazi phenomena in Taiwan could be seen in the social political affairs today.

Attending a new book release, entitled "A shuddered future - analyzing the new dictatorship in Taiwan", political commentator Nanfang Shuo, writer Zhu Tianxin, as well as professors Xie Daning, Zhang Yazhong and Huang Guangguo expressed that the regime of the Democratic Progressive Party has on and on manipulated the national Nazis to form a Nazi environment and atmosphere. With democracy and human rights as covers, they pursue "Taiwan independence" and Fukianese' chauvinism.

Zhang Yazhong said, the history of the fascist Germany is reappearing in Taiwan. Taiwan has the so-called freedom and democracy in name only, but it is not in the least freedom in the nation positioning and in the question of unification and "independence". That is a very dangerous signal. Zhu Tianxin said the fascist monsters in Taiwan are swelling. They fight these people today, and tomorrow they will press other people. If we all stop talking, sooner or later our necks will be held.

Huang Guangguo said the authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party have created an atmosphere for you to shut your mouth. They use a fascist way to treat Zhang Huimei. If kind people talk no more, Taiwan's hope will be ended. Nanfang Suo said that after the Second World War, the Germans said "we are all criminals". For at that time, no one said something. Today we speak and write articles, but in vain. Tens of hundreds take to the streets and demonstrate, but that is useless. We will shout out what we think with more strength and a loud voice.

"Shuddered future", originally called "Crossing", is spread in the network. However, it is a book many publishers doní»t dare to publish, as people are afraid of the reprisals by the Democratic Progressive Party. After analyzing the history of the fascist Germany and comparing it with what the Democratic Progressive Party does, Writer Huang Zhixian said the two parties are so similar unexpectedly. She has a belief that people in Taiwan will agree what I have said through a long time of observation. That is not my own viewpoint, but actually it is a fact that we have common understanding, but do not feel it.

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