Who should keep an eye on 'psychos': Experts

When a kindergarten doorman locked children in the school and slashed them with a kitchen knife -- the incident attracted the attention of many psychologists at the 28th International Congress of Psychology.

The suspect is a diagnosed Schizophrenic.

Zhang Kan, the president of Chinese Psychological Society, said Monday that the potential "high risk" people with psychological disorders should be monitored. Special institutions should be set up to evaluate these people.

"The government should phase in policies to address this problem, and a concerted efforts is a must for a 'psychological precaution system,'" Kan said.

Besides monitoring, Zhang said, communities and schools should sponsor frequent lectures to give people easy access to the knowledge on maintaining psychological health.

"To consult a psychologist does not mean you are a weirdo, it just means someone need psychological help to overcome troubles." said Zhang.

Zhang said that there are deep social and family reasons behind severe mental diseases.

"Besides personal situation, there are many things looming behind: a divorced family, a bilious mother and an irresponsible father.

However, he added, crisis-monitor is not an easy job owning to the changeable human nature and unpredictable human behavior.

Helmut Bartz, a German psychologist working for German Army on soldier recruiting, said it is very difficult to judge mental diseases.

"In Germany, people are very careful on secluding the so-calledmentally ill persons. Although sometimes carefulness means danger,we have no choice," said Bartz, "According to Germany law, a patient will never be isolated only if he poses threats both to himself and the society.

Bartz believed that the rehabilitation centers are a double-edged sword. He said that the institutions are set up for patientsrecovery, but the patients tend to get sicker in them.

Source: Xinhua

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