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UPDATED: 09:11, August 10, 2004
Lu's remarks reveal Taiwan cultural fascism
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In the eyes of Taiwan authorities, possibly nothing is more important to a Taiwanese than his or her defending the "Taiwan consciousness" as a "sovereign nation."

"Vice-President" Annette Lu on Friday questioned the "patriotism" of top Taiwan singer Chang Hui-mei because of the singer's explanation of having sung Taiwan's "national anthem" at Chen Shui-bian's 2000 inauguration.

In an interview with China Central Television during her concert held in Beijing, Chang said singing the "national anthem" was not her decision. The event was interpreted by mainland people as Chang's support for Taiwan's independence and caused their dissatisfaction towards the Taiwan star singer.

As a famous Taiwan singer, Chang is also liked by the massive numbers of fans on the mainland, so it is also natural for her to be concerned about her image among them.

"I had to suffer the consequences of a decision that was not made by me... I should have been more discreet in my behaviour, which impacts so many people," she said.

Chang's words have caused discontent among the circle of Taiwan separatists.

In a TV interview on Friday, Lu said that Chang needed to choose between her singing career on the mainland and defending Taiwan's "national" interests when the island is under "military threat" from the mainland.

Lu also criticized Chang for not having any "political consciousness."

"Which is more important: holding concerts on the mainland or defending Taiwan?" she asked. "How could anyone not have any political consciousness?"

It is Lu's opinion that only standing up against the mainland's efforts to keep Taiwan in China serves the interests of the island.

But Lu neglected a basic fact that it is Taiwan's independence, which means dragging the island into a war with the mainland, that serves as the largest defiance of the island's interests.

In Lu's eyes, a singer should do more than singing.

"I am just a singer, and I am not capable of dealing with politics," Chang said.

Lu's rhetoric has demonstrated the Taiwan authorities' attempt to involve all Taiwanese in an all-out campaign for independence for the island.

Scholars, writers and entertainers on the island warn that cultural fascism is gaining ground in Taiwan.

A Taiwan version of McCarthyism is in the offing.

Source: China Daily

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