Braving the tide for military revolution: Commentary

On entering the new era we see a surging tide for military revolution in the whole world. In this revolution the Chinese armymen of the new era, with the spirit of braving the tide and studying hard the new knowledge in military science and technology, have energetically realized a leaping-over development for national defence and military construction in China. Chen Changfeng, regimental commander of an amphibious vehicle regiment of the Chinese navy as we are reporting today, is the very model advanced bravely forward in the military revolution.

As an armyman of a new era with lofty sense of responsibility and mission, Chen Changfeng, with a farsighted, innovative and indomitable spirit began to study new knowledge, master new technology and equipment, study new strategy and tactics, and actively push ahead the construction of the mechanization and informationization. He led his regiment in storming the new battlefield for military revolution, tempering the regiment into a brave armored force, an invincible one daring to fight and win victory.

Taking to heart the sacred duty of an armyman in modern times Chen Changfeng has never for a moment forgot the norm of "to fight for victory", the departure of an armyman and the cardinal point as well. It is because of this sense of urgency that time and tide wait for no man, he led his detachment in digging into the military knowledge, military techniques and strategy and tactics. And he also did his best to raise continuously the modern technique for winning victory, and especially the ability in winning the war under the hi-tech conditions, therefore becoming an outstanding representative in pushing ahead the construction for the combating effectiveness of the Chinese army.

Chen Changfeng has a very broader viewpoint and clairvoyance. In view of the regional hi-tech wars at the beginning of the new century, it is a signal as he holds to indicate that the world military revolution has entered into a new stage, having things to do with all military fields. He studied earnestly the changes and developments of the military science and technology, followed closely the trends of the world military changes. He took in extensively the advanced military thinking from the developed countries, judging the situation and seeking for development with a pilot point of view. Under his guidance it has forged a contingent of military personnel of open-minded and composite quality, a formation of a new type within so short a time as only of 3 years.

Chen Changfeng persisted in the work of reform, brave in innovation. Yes, the innovative spirit is the soul of a nation. It needs such a spirit especially in the military field. In the face of the rolling and ongoing military revolution, Chen Changfeng, with a scientific attitude adaptable to the changing situation, forged bravely forward in the reform and innovation. Taking the lead of his detachment he succeeded in finding out more than 20 new ways in the fighting and new training methods. Many subjects he designed ingeniously have passed examinations and appraisals in several major military maneuvers of the navy, thereby making an outstanding contribution to the construction for a modernized people's navy in China.

Talents play a key role in the development of military affairs. To answer for the challenges of the world military revolution and raise the defending, protecting and combating capability under the hi-tech conditions the crux of the matter lies in turning and tempering out a big batch of new-type military personnel of high-quality. This is at once an urgent matter and a long-range strategy as well. We have to learn Chen Changfeng's spirit, pay more attention to turn out more military personnel like Chen Changfeng who are able to master the modernized military science and technology. Only by doing so can we stand in the forefront of the world military revolution, ceaselessly speed up the modernized construction of the national defence and the Chinese army, making the People's Liberation Army to play a proper role in defending the safety and security of the country, maintaining stability of society and in pushing forward the socialist modernization construction.

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