Endangered languages to be further protected: official

Endangered languages should be protected against sweeping globalization, said Yang Guang, an official with Chinese Ministry of Education, at the 89th International Esperanto Conference, Sunday.

Globalization, dominated by developed countries, has effected aspect of the world, Yang said. Linguistically speaking, English has become increasingly dominant, leaving less room for endangered languages to develop.

The loss of a language that constitutes the cornerstone of a nationality culture or a nation generally result in severe damages to the nationality or nation, he added.

Statistics show the number of languages worldwide has decreased to approximately 6,000 from 12,000 in the prehistoric period. Furthermore, this trend of decrease continues.

"Linguistic singularity is not practical and will bring harm to the current world, as all countries have become more dependent on each other in a globalized era," Yang acknowledged.

In conclusion, Yang called for all countries to cooperate to protect endangered languages and aim to create an equal and colorful world.

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