Over 60 percent of Taiwan enterprises long for "three direct links"

66.8 percent of Taiwan enterprises think the Taiwan authority ought to give priority to "three direct links" across the Taiwan Straits for the time being, a survey says. The rate is 13. 1 percent higher than that of six months ago.

The survey conducted by the "Economic Daily" also shows 52.7 percent of Taiwan enterprises are not satisfied with the authority's economic administration. "Expanding public investment" and "improving finance condition" rank the second and the third in the survey. Six months ago, "three direct links", "administrative efficiency" and "improve finance condition" are the top three problems in the survey.

It is reported that the Economic Daily conducts a survey as to industry prosperity and investment trends every six month. The latest survey is completed in June. A total of 506 questionnaires are collected.

By People's Daily Online

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