US can hardly wait to sell weapons to Taiwan

During a visit by Taiwan's "legislators " to the United States, US personages, from the president to deputy defense secretary to commander of the Pacific Command, all conveyed the same message that the island must buy US weaponry, and buy now.

A US congressman conveyed a message from President Bush, "it's the best time for Taiwan to purchase weapons, and the island should buy as soon as it can ". Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz even said in a threatening tone, "if Taiwan doesn't treat its defense seriously, nor will the United States ".

According to Wang Jin-pyng, president of Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan ", his delegation stayed more than four hours in the Pentagon and talked with Wolfowitz for nearly 50 minutes. "Legislators " put sharp questions to Wolfowitz in turn. According to a "legislator ", Wolfowitz told them that if Taiwan fails to buy weapons immediately for its defense, the cross-Straits military situation will soon lose balance; if Taiwan doesn't treat its defense seriously, nor will the United States; in this case, it will encourage military expansion of the mainland and thus pose a bigger threat to Taiwan's security.

The "legislator " delegation visited the US Pacific Command in Hawaii and heard a briefing on Asia-Pacific security situation. Commander Admiral Thomas B. Fargo expressed his worry that two sides across the Straits would misjudge the situation and trigger conflicts. The high economic growth of the mainland has pushed its defense modernization, thus posing a bigger threat to its neighboring regions. Fargo said sometimes he was "too worried to sleep ".

By People's Daily Online

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