Censorship on imported online games strengthened

The Ministry of Culture has established an imported game products screening committee in an effort to step up examination on the content of online games.

The committee regulates that online games with content violating basic principles of the Constitution, threatening national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and that might divulge state secrets should be banned from importing.

Online games with content threatening state security, damaging the nation's glory, disturbing social order and infringing on other's legitimate rights will also be prohibited.

Members of the screening committee come from all social strata, including scholars from prestigious universities and institutes, middle school teachers, foreign affairs officials, information industry engineers and members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

A source from the Ministry of Culture said only those online games with exclusive import authorization from the ministry could be imported and businessmen could not revise game contents without authorization. The source said all foreign online games must accept content examination by the ministry before they enter into the Chinese market. Those already-imported online games must make up relevant examinations before Sept. 1, or the game operators will be punished according to law.

Tuo Zuhai, an official with the Ministry of Culture, said there were more than 140 online games in Chinese markets nowadays. Three problems had emerged in those games. First, the game contents are always related to sex, violence, gambling and superstition. Second, more than 80 percent of online games being used in China are foreign ones without examination and authorization from the Chinese government. Third, some games adversely affected youngsters' psychological health.

"All the problems have drawn great attention from the central government and to strengthen screening on the online game content is an important method to solve the afore-mentioned problems," Tuo said.

He said in the future, the Ministry of Culture will import some foreign online games whose contents accord with Chinese national conditions and bring positive effects to young people's mentality.

Source: Xinhua

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