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UPDATED: 17:20, May 28, 2004
Ling Ao nuclear power station, a great success!
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The charming Daya Bay, South China's Guangdong Province, has brought us again a piece of good news in blazing May.

After passing seven special checks upon delivery on May 21, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station adjacent to Daya Bay passed the appraisal by expert group with national construction completion committee, unfolding eventually a red carpet for passing through the examination.

Previously, the Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station has made a series of notable achievements. First, Nos.1 and 2 power-generating units were put into commercial use 48 and 66 days ahead of schedule respectively, and electricity of 24.234 billion Kilowatt hours has been generated by April, which played an important role in easing the power shortage in Guangdong, China. Second, two generating units both realized unplanned shutdown with no mishaps, as a record of large nuclear power generating unit in operation. According to international advanced level, they realized self-running in engineering management, construction installment, adjustment and preparation for construction.

Wang Yumin, president of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, said proudly: starting from scratch to something, and from something to excellent, Daya Bay and Ling Ao nuclear power stations tell us that nuclear power is safe, economical, effective and environmental-friendly. The exploration by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group for the development of China's nuclear power industry has been proved successful. We should lay a firm hold on the current period of strategic opportunity for the development of nuclear power and surge forward.

"To nurture nuke with nuke for a rolling development", Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station by improving the world sophisticated nuclear power technologies has created the four major "rolling effects" in terms of technology, capital, talent and management. It has therefore opened up a path for sustainable development of nuclear power industry suitable for China. A joint venture with Hong Kong built in May 1994, ten-year-old Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station is China's first million-KW large commercial nuclear power station. Over the decade, Daya Bay station has been operating safely: the two million-KW Hour nuclear generating units generated 140 billion KW Hours, 70 percent of which sold to Hong Kong, and the rest for Guangdong. Dayawan station has contributed a lot to the economic prosperity and social stability of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong SAR.

The two units have been working smoothly: from 1999 to 2003, in the competitions for security operation with 53 French units of the same type, the two won twice the champions in nuclear security, radiation protection and industrial safety respectively. When Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station was put into production, the central government, sizing up the situation, made a resolute decision: To establish China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group to "nurture nuke with nuke for a rolling development". With the technologies, staff and leftover profits of Daya Bay to establish State-owned solely funded Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station it has realized the strategic goal of starting-at-high-level and a leaping development in technology.

Four "rolling effects" came into being with experience from Dayawan fully learned, digested and innovated.

Rolling technologies: with technologies introduced from Daya Bay, 52 significant technological improvements have been materialized, of which 33 done in nuclear island and 8 in conventional islands and 11 in supplemental facilities of the power station.

Rolling capital: funded by the profits left over from Daya Bay, Ling Ao station cut the unit cost by US$ 199 per KW, thus saved totally US$ 381 million in investment, 10 percent of the budget of the project.

Rolling talent: Chinese technicians of Daya Bay station have experienced the test in the work of the Ling Ao Station. Many of them, being 40-year-old backbones, have refueled the contingent for the construction and management of the nuclear power station.

Rolling management: based on the three controls: "capital, progress, quality" at Dayawan station, Ling Ao added technology and safety up to the system of five controls, realized self-management in building, installment and operation; compiled over ten-million-word "Ling Ao Nuclear Project Practice and Innovation." Dubbed "minor encyclopedia on China's nuclear project construction", it is quite a practical one.

In November 2002, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) appraisal delegation commented after examination, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station could be a match for IAEA's international standards in terms of most of the indexes, and it will run as a valuable mirror for global nuclear industry.

From quality, progress and capital control, to project management and cultivation of talents, Ling Ao station realized the goal as central leaders outlined. The "second station (Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station)" is better than the "first station (Daya Bay station)", and it has laid a solid foundation for the nationalization and a large-scale boom of the nuke industry in China.

Article on the first page of People's Daily, May 27 and edited by People's Daily Online

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