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News Archive --- Date:20040528


  • China's hydropower resources tops world: official (19:33, May 28)
  • Mainland's policy towards Taiwan remains unaltered (19:31, May 28)
  • CPC township congress elects secretary in direct election (18:44, May 28)
  • South African plane crashes in Hunan Province (19:37, May 28)
  • China joins Nuclear Suppliers Group (18:14, May 28)
  • Education on production safety an urgent issue: official (18:15, May 28)
  • Ling Ao nuclear power station, a great success!  (17:20, May 28)
  • Nationwide campaign to save energy  (10:06, May 28)
  • Unsafe blood collection targeted (10:02, May 28)
  • Premier calls for sustainable development in Shanghai  (08:37, May 28)
  • China's poverty reduction program expected to win UN award (08:23, May 28)
  • Center for international poverty reduction to be set in China (08:25, May 28)
  • China to further cooperate with OAS members: FM spokesman (08:51, May 28)
  • China, ASEAN to begin 10th senior officials' consultation (08:32, May 28)
  • China hopes nuclear group will consider its application: spokesman (08:35, May 28)
  • China expresses regret over Dalai Lama's upcoming Britain visit (08:54, May 28)
  • China's envoy to visit Middle East (08:50, May 28)
  • China considers it necessary to send multinational force to Iraq (08:48, May 28)
  • Chinese, Ugandan presidents meet  (10:27, May 28)
  • Political determination fuels poverty reduction in China (08:54, May 28)
  • China warned against more frequent geological calamities (08:44, May 28)
  • HKSAR govt refutes EIU's comments on constitutional development (08:47, May 28)
  • Spokesman: HK gov't treasures freedoms (08:41, May 28)
  • Minister of Finance: China to continue its endeavor of poverty reduction (08:50, May 28)
  • UNDP chief praises Chinese poverty-reduction experience, urging more efforts (08:52, May 28)
  • China's drug supply, supervision network to cover majority of rural areas (08:59, May 28)
  • China produces first documentary on disasters (08:57, May 28)
  • China's reform a paradigm in anti-poverty drive (10:57, May 28)
  • Shanghai Agenda on Poverty Reduction (08:10, May 28)
  • Shanghai Agenda on Poverty Reduction issued  (08:08, May 28)

  • Business

  • Wal-Mart opens first store in Guizhou (18:54, May 28)
  • Tibetans benefit much from market economy (18:52, May 28)
  • Individuals to directly buy, sell bullion in China (18:49, May 28)
  • Chongqing, HK sign trade cooperation memo (18:48, May 28)
  • Fifth west China int'l exposition ends  (17:25, May 28)
  • Chinese sedan cars exported to Syria  (17:23, May 28)
  • Individuals to directly buy, sell bullion in China  (17:22, May 28)
  • Chile rolls out red carpet for Chinese miners (15:46, May 28)
  • CCB begins asset sale in preparation for IPO  (11:24, May 28)
  • China publishes its top 200 exporters and 500 traders (11:20, May 28)
  • Release of new auto policy 'within days' (10:33, May 28)
  • Premier urges to crash economic crimes (10:16, May 28)
  • PetroChina makes the biggest oil discovery in decade  (10:15, May 28)
  • Finance minister: neutral fiscal policy a proper choice  (08:40, May 28)
  • China, ADB sign 500 mln dollar railway loan contract (09:16, May 28)
  • Pan-Pearl River Delta marks new breakthrough in China's regional cooperation, coordinated development (09:14, May 28)
  • Singapore Deputy PM optimistic about China's economy (09:18, May 28)
  • EXPO 2010 to boost world poverty reduction: BIE official (09:19, May 28)
  • China to be world's largest IT market in 5 years (08:16, May 28)
  • Shenzhen exchange launches SME board  (12:29, May 28)

  • World

  • S.Lankan govt, Tamil rebels no closer to agreement on resuming talks (18:42, May 28)
  • Chinese experts to help build water silos in Nigeria (18:40, May 28)
  • Khodorkovsky hearing starts in Moscow court (18:35, May 28)
  • Vietnam sentences Taiwanese businessman to imprisonment (18:35, May 28)
  • Fiat chairman passes away at 69 (18:25, May 28)
  • More exchanges urged to help US understand Tibet  (13:32, May 28)
  • 3 children found decapitated in apartment (10:34, May 28)
  • China: Foreign troops should leave Iraq before Jan 2005 (10:10, May 28)
  • Thailand confirms H5N1 bird flu (09:59, May 28)
  • Iran warns resumption of uranium enrichment (09:58, May 28)
  • Russia, US sign deal to retrieve uranium  (09:56, May 28)
  • Britain to deploy 370 more troops in Iraq (09:50, May 28)
  • Indian new govt promises to maintain nuclear weapon program (09:48, May 28)
  • Cleric arrested in UK on terror charges (09:50, May 28)
  • Sri Lanka, US to co-host peacekeeping exercise (09:44, May 28)
  • Ugandan army kills 83 rebels since May (09:42, May 28)
  • Sudanese parties to hammer out final deal within months (09:41, May 28)
  • NATO makes commitment to stay in Balkans (09:38, May 28)

  • Opinion

  • US prisoners well treated in Korean War, a looking back on history  (16:56, May 29)
  • US global strategy foiled (17:51, May 28)
  • Respect and protect citizens' human rights (13:01, May 28)
  • City management: clash between asset and value  (08:42, May 28)

  • Sports

  • 11 teams to race at Tour de Qinghai Lake  (16:51, May 28)
  • High school hoopsters vie for Yao Ming Cup (19:51, May 28)
  • China wins four-nation women's hockey tournament   (09:16, May 28)
  • BOCOG, IOC set up broadcasting company for 2008 Games  (13:42, May 28)

  • Science & Technology

  • Genetic code of chimp's 22# chromosome deciphered (14:10, May 28)
  • Physicist: Cosmos is shaped like the Eiffel Tower  (12:46, May 28)
  • Drought-resistant hybrid rice strain developed  (11:28, May 28)
  • Space telescope detects youngest planet  (14:33, May 28)
  • China to make huge investment in boarding schools in rural areas  (09:00, May 28)
  • China welcomes more world advanced transport technologies  (08:54, May 28)

  • Life

  • Demand for professionals increasing (18:32, May 28)
  • National theater putting on "overcoat" (18:29, May 28)
  • Shopping mall blast causes no death in Hefei (15:22, May 28)
  • Cemetery dig yields clues 3000 years ago (10:56, May 28)
  • US visa counseling company applies for approval (09:08, May 28)
  • Lack of sleep major threat to Chinese teenagers' health (08:35, May 28)

  • Photo

    Environmental friendly bus

    Instructor Qiu Bin from Tsinghua University points while introducing a bus which uses hydrogen batteries as its energy in Beijing May 27, 2004. Named "No. 863" because it has been supported by the state "High-Tech 863 Program", the bus is more environment-friendly and more efficient. The bus is developed by Tsinghua University.

    International Day of Peacekeepers

    Sergei Ordzhonikidze (C), Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva and two peacekeeping veterans present flowers to those who died when carrying out peacekeeping missions throughout the world in Geneva, Switzerland, May 26, 2004. The first International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers will be observed on May 29 this year. Today, more than 53,000 uniformed personnel and at least 11,000 civilian staff from 94 countries are serving 15 peacekeeping missions around the world. A total of 1,819 peacekeepers have died at their posts over the past 55 years.

    Tibetan scholar meets the press

    Chinese Tibetan scholar Shesrabnyima meets the press at Chinese embassy in Washington, May 27, 2004. Shesrabnyima called for more cultural exchanges between China and the United States to help Americans better understand Tibet and the Tibetan culture. (Xinhua Photo)

    Youngest planet ever detected

    The youngest planet ever detected -- a baby less than one million years old -- may be orbiting a young star in the constellation Taurus, scientists using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope reported on May 27, 2004. In this artist's conception, the possible newfound planet spins through a clearing in a nearby star's dusty, planet-forming disc. The possible infant planet was spotted circling a star known as CoKu Tau 4, some 420 light-years away, according to astronomer Dan Watson of the University of Rochester, New York. (Reuters photo)

    Body of Norwegian peacekeeper sent home

    The coffin of Norwegian peacekeeper Tommy Roedningsby is carried by soldiers to a plane and sent back home after a memorial ceremony for him at the Kabul International Airport, May 27, 2004. Roedningsby was killed during a rocket attack in Kabul on May 23.

    US doctor operates on a cleft palate boy

    A US doctor (2nd, L) is prepared to have an operation on a cleft palate boy at the No.2 Hospital attached to the Medical College of Shantou University in Shantou, south China's Guangdong Province May 27, 2004. Seventeen plastics doctors from Love Without Boundaries, a US-based foundation, and their Chinese counterparts will do cleft palate surgeries free of charge for 49 Chinese children.

    Tourism promotion campaign in Rio De Janeiro

    An Indian (R) from Brazil's Amazon region paints an Indian logo on a visitor's arm at the Brazilian International Tourism Promotional Campaign held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 26, 2004. The tourism promotional campaign, which ended here on Wednesday, attracted several hundred people from the tourism circles from more than 40 countries.

    Spring buds plan

    Zeng Jihong, 13, attends a class with her classmates at a primary school in Nanshan Town in east China's Fujian Province May 26, 2004. The little girl from a poor family is a beneficiary of the "Spring Buds" program that aids those girls who were deprived of education due to poverty to return to school.

    China picks championship in women's four-nation hockey

    Chinese team members cheering Tang Chunling's first score for China in the 2004 "Shinco Cup" Four-nation Hockey Tournament in Wujin, East China's Jiangsu Province on May 27. China wins championship in the contest.

    Kissing a crocodile

    A visitor to the Guangzhou Crocodile Park, the largest one of its kind in the world, kisses a baby crocodile May 27, 2004 while others look on. The park, which houses nearly 100,000 crocodiles of various types from around the globe -- accounting for more than 70 per cent of the country's stocks of crocodiles -- opened to the public yesterday. It is located in the Panyu District in Guangzhou, capital city of South China's Guangdong Province. The park shoulders a series of functions including crocodile breeding, research and tourism. [newsphoto]

    Wu Bangguo met governor of St. Petersburg

    Wu Bangguo (L), visiting chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, meets with Valentina Matviyenko, governor of Russia's second largest city of St. Petersburg here, May 27, 2004.

    President Hu Jintao met Ugandan President

    Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) shakes hands with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, May 27, 2004

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