ESA admits "Great Wal" on satellite photo a mistake

A latest report issued by the European Space Agency (ESA) says a photo taken from space and displayed not long ago on ESA homepage showing China's Great Wall was a mistake. The image on the photo was actually a river running into the Miyun Reservoir in Miyun County of Beijing. It is the first mistake in information releasing ever made on its website, says ESA.

ESA notes that such a mistake is caused by the lack of strict examination before the publication of the photo. ESA apologized for its ˇ°carelessnessˇ± and expressed thanks to readers for their comments.

Previously ESA displayed a photo sent by Proba satellite on what was taken as the Great Wall in China, in an aim to prove that the Great Wall is visible from space if suitable camera or video camera is used.

By People's Daily Online

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