China suspends soybean imports from four Brazilian suppliers

China has decided to temporarily halt the imports of soybeans from four Brazilian suppliers who have seriously violated China's relevant regulations, announced the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (SAQSIQ) on Tuesday.

The four suppliers are Noble Grain Pte Limited, Cargill Agricola S/A, Irmaos Trevisan S/A-IND. Com. E Agricultura, and Bianchini S/A Industria Comercio E Agricultura.

The SAQSIQ said that at the end of April, the Xiamen Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau in southeast China's Fujian Province found some soybeans that were dyed red and mixed in a shipment of 59,000 tons of soybeans imported from Brazil.

Test results show that these soybeans with "red alert" contain a kind of farm chemical that is made of bactericide, pesticide andsome other compound chemicals and is used to coat seeds to preventplant diseases and insect pests of crops in their seedling stage.

The bureau and SAQSIQ then decided to ban the entry of those problematic soybeans according to law, since they may bring great harm to the sanitation security of edible oil and to Chinese people's health.

Source: Xinhua

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