47 detained for selling baby-killer milk

Photo:Arrest of fake milk powder traders announced
Arrest of fake milk powder traders announced
A mass rally has been in Fuyang City, east China's Anhui Province, to announce arrests of 24 people accused of supplying the inferior milk powder blamed for killing and sickening many infants in the city.

The meeting was held at Fuyang's largest square, and participants included city leaders, law enforcement officials, representatives of commercial enterprises and several thousand visitors.

Cheng Shuguang, deputy director of the municipal public security bureau, announced arrests of the 24 suspects at the meeting. The sources of all types of inferior milk powder sold in the city have been identified, Cheng added.

According to Ma Mingye, vice mayor of Fuyang, 31 working teams were dispatched by the local police to Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Fujian and Henan provinces and Beijingmunicipality to investigate the sources of the inferior milk powder.

The inspection showed that 45 types of sub-quality milk powder were sold on the retail market in Fuyang city. Twenty-nine inferior milk powder factories have been detected, and two relatedpackaging workshops were destroyed.

Photo:Arrest of fake milk powder traders announced
Arrest of fake milk powder traders announced
The police have filed 39 cases and detained 46 people, including the 24 whose arrest was announced at the meeting.

Thirteen infants in Anhui have died of nutritional deficienciesfrom consuming substandard milk powder, and 171 infants suffered from malnutrition after being fed with milk powder deficient in protein and other nutrients.

The majority of them live in rural areas in Fuyang City. The parents bought cheap milk powder which contained little nutritional ingredients at rural shops in Fuyang. The babies' heads swelled and their bodies failed to grow properly.

The news was first broadcast over television April 19.

Local sources say that families of the victims have been compensated financially, and the hospitalized infants have been treated free of charge. Another 49,000 infants under one year old have received free physical examinations.

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