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UPDATED: 16:45, May 01, 2004
Anti-China dark current exposes Cold War mentality: commentary
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Recently, a dark current, the "theory on China's new military threat" is surging in Washington. Some people who invariably try by hook or by crook to create trouble in Sino-US relationship have jumped out again, clamoring that the growing Chinese military strength "is developing in the direction of the needs to adapt to the war situation in Taiwan and to attack the US air and naval forces that may possibly get involved".

A careful analysis of this new round of performance in relation to the "theory of China's military threat" makes it clear that the "theory" contains both shopworn theme and new tone. So-called shopworn theme means lumping increase of China's military spending together with the Taiwan issue, and then linking the Taiwan issue with America itself, and finally bringing out a deductive result of Sino-US military confrontation.

As is well known, the increase in recent years' Chinese national defense expenditure is not only in step with China's economic development, but also is in compliance with the new trend of global military revolution, so there is nothing to be surprised at. China's current military spending is only about one/19th of that of America, and half of Japan's. Quite a few American scholars have said that stopping Taiwan's separatist activities is only part of China's national defense objective, China's strengthening of national defense building also contains many other considerations. Furthermore, the Taiwan issue is China's internal affair, so long as the United States does not tie itself with Taiwan to the same boat, then how can there be the idea about a military confrontation with China?

In recent years, almost every round of the performance on "the theory of China threat" was started with the shopworn theme of the Taiwan issue, and after the shopworn theme, there must be an American arms sale. This time, even the salesmen themselves feel the hackneyed tunes are too insipid, thus they have to add some new material. So they raise the pitch, describing China's military strength as the "only army in today's world, that is developing and equipping itself aimed at the United States". What's more, the change in this round of anti-China undercurrent still contains a main point worth more attention, that is, superficially they are talking about military, while actually they are speaking of politics. An expert at the traditional fund, the headquarters of conservative ideas, said that the United States should pay attention to China's tendency of transforming its economic influence into a political force, particularly in Southeast Asia and the whole of Asia.

In recent years, China's "peaceful rise" has won the appreciation and support of many countries in Asia and the whole world. Some EU members have clearly indicated their intention of lifting arms embargo against China, China and India recently staged joint military exercise, New Zealand took the lead among Western countries to recognize China's "market economy status", recent Sino-US economic and trade talks won landmark "win, win result".... the "China threat theory" has time and again been smashed by facts. Even in the United States, more and more people have begun to view China's change from a different perspective. While commenting on the change taken place recently in the situation of the Taiwan Straits, some US media claims that Chinese leaders have become "more mature and more composed and steady". It is precisely these new changes that have pricked those obstinate anti-China elements, leaving them on tenterhooks and in a disturbed state of mind. Expert Fisher at the American Security Policy Center said that China's long-ranging goal is to become the overlord in Asia who will drive US military forces out of Asia. Another person who is a professor made a more sensational remark when he said, "If China continues its present policies, it will finally constitute a greater threat to the United States and its allies than the former Soviet Union".

It can be seen from the new round of anti-China dark current that a group of anti-China people have actually come to the end of their rope, they have at last torn off their fig leaves and begun to lay bare their true features. So-called issues of military spending and Taiwan are, in fact, serving one purpose, that is to contain China's development. This horde of people look upon China through colored spectacles of the US-styled concept of value, saying so long as China's political system remains unchanged and its different concept of value is maintained, whatever development China achieved is unfavorable to the United States, especially each forward step it takes in military affairs will be seen as a maximum threat to the United States. Such one-sided extreme view is unacceptable even to many American experts and scholars on the China issue. Washington Observation quoted an American Sinologist as saying "I don't think there is a game between China and the United States in which one loses and the other wins in regard to national interests. It is right to show concern for this issue, but I think it is wrong to put this view to the extreme."

Logically speaking, the Cold War has ended for over 10 years, yet there are invariably people in the United States who have never rid themselves of the Cold War complex, they have innate hatred for the word "peace", it seems that they would lose their rice bowls without enemies. They invariably let themselves live in the shadow of the Cold War and invariably peep and suspect others in a gloomy psychology, such a practice, besides stirring the wrath of all normal people, makes people feel that they are very pitiable; this band of people are living a really tiring life!

By People's Daily Online

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