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News Archive --- Date:20040501


  • China's last relief goods arrive in DPRK (18:44, May 01, 2004)
  • President attends ceremony marking operation of new railway  (14:48, May 02, 2004)
  • China issues new law to regulate traffic (17:32, May 01, 2004)
  • Chinese premier sets for Europe visit (17:21, May 01, 2004)
  • Beijing's first SARS patient can be discharged from hospital in 10 days, Official (09:50, May 01, 2004)

  • Business

  • Russia to decide on oil pipeline by yearend (16:54, May 02, 2004)
  • 11th China Advertising Festival to open in October (16:12, May 01, 2004)
  • China close to 1990s world level in auto-part manufacturing (15:28, May 01, 2004)
  • Banks should rein in loans for overheated sectors: regulator (11:00, May 02, 2004)
  • Economy to grow 9% in first half year (17:29, May 01, 2004)
  • CNOOC, BP signs contract for Guangdong LNG project (00:22, May 01, 2004)

  • World

  • US offers $50 mln to Colombia (17:00, May 01, 2004)
  • Half of Dominican troops withdrawn from Iraq (16:59, May 01, 2004)
  • Nepali political parties call for national strike (17:00, May 01, 2004)
  • Nepalese anti-govt guerrillas put on US Terrorist Exclusion List (14:48, May 01, 2004)
  • Thaksin streamlines authorities in charge of southern security (15:02, May 01, 2004)
  • Wahid withdraws from Indonesian presidential race (14:48, May 01, 2004)
  • Photos show US soldiers tortured Iraqis  (15:03, May 01, 2004)
  • EU welcomes 10 new members (15:47, May 01, 2004)
  • SARS outbreak in China no major threat: WHO (14:40, May 01, 2004)
  • Envoy-level Quartet talks on roadmap held in London (10:12, May 01, 2004)
  • Israeli troops demolish 19 Palestinian houses in Khan Younis (10:12, May 01, 2004)
  • WHO helps rebuild DPRK's health care facilities following train blast (10:12, May 01, 2004)
  • Rejection of disengagement may lead to new elections: Sharon (10:11, May 01, 2004)
  • 39 detainees released in Nepal, says ICRC (09:55, May 01, 2004)
  • UN council authorizes deployment of stabilization force in Haiti (09:54, May 01, 2004)
  • Britain probes into alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoner by UK soldiers (09:40, May 01, 2004)

  • Opinion

  • Oil security: A top priority for China (18:33, May 01, 2004)
  • Anti-China dark current exposes Cold War mentality: commentary (16:45, May 01, 2004)
  • Russia, Europe enter new era of relations after EU enlargement  (15:13, May 01, 2004)
  • China addressing SARS reoccurrence in clear-headed way  (15:12, May 01, 2004)
  • Denial of history belittles Japan (14:33, May 01, 2004)
  • China Threat, again? (14:33, May 01, 2004)
  • People's Daily editorial hails May Day (00:23, May 01, 2004)

  • Sports

  • NBA legend Michael Jordan to visit China (17:18, May 01, 2004)
  • Sun Wen likely to report Athens Olympics  (12:24, May 01, 2004)

  • Science & Technology

  • Intelligent voice tech to become popular (15:54, May 01, 2004)
  • Over half of asthma cases caused by rhinitis: doctors (15:54, May 01, 2004)
  • 8th generator going into operation at Three Gorges (00:33, May 01, 2004)
  • Wind power plant to help Beijing achieve "Green Olympic" goals (13:28, May 01, 2004)

  • Life

  • Godzilla monster to die in Shanghai (18:48, May 01, 2004)
  • Strong quake sways buildings in Taipei (17:51, May 01, 2004)
  • Will new traffic law alleviate Beijing's woes? (14:20, May 01, 2004)
  • 35 confirmed dead in Shanxi coal mine blast (14:33, May 01, 2004)
  • World Historical and Cultural Cities Expo well prepared (00:29, May 01, 2004)
  • Armed police ready for any possible emergencies during holiday (00:29, May 01, 2004)
  • Provisions on animal pharmacy issued (00:27, May 01, 2004)
  • Holiday-goers exhorted on traffic safety (00:25, May 01, 2004)

  • Photo

    WHO experts in Beijing

    Experts from the World Health Organization and China inspect the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing on April 30 for the sources of the recent SARS outbreak.

    CPPCC chairman meets Thai guests

    Jia Qinglin, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), met in Beijing on April 30 with Suchon Chaleekrua, speaker of Thailand's Senate.

    Hubble probes a new star

    The photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on April 29, 2004 shows a stream of gas of high pressure given off from the highlight spot on the right . Scientists say there hides a star with extreme heat, which, due to Ultraviolet Light and space dust, has not been discovered by people.

    Chinese Zhang Penghui shoots sixth at World Cup

    Chinese Zhang Penghui got the sixth in men's 25m pistol fast at the Athens leg World Cup in Greece on April 29 at 683.4 points.German shooter

    Three Gorges No. 7 generating unit starts working

    A technician monitors the operation of No. 7 generating unit at the control room of the power station of the Three Gorges Project in central China's Hubei Province April 30, 2004. The No. 7 generating unit began the generation of electricity on Friday. So far, eight generating units each with an installed capacity of 700,000 kw have become operational with a daily generated energy of 115 million kwh. With a total investment of 180 billion yuan (21.76 billion US dollars), the project started in 1993 and is scheduled for completion in 2009.

    Celebration of International Labour Day

    Old women sing a song at a party in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China's Fujian Province, April 30, 2004, to greet the upcoming May Day holidays.

    President Hu Jintao visits model workers in Nanjing

    President Hu Jintao paid visit to model workers in Nanjing on April 30.

    2004 India Fashion Week

    Models presnet creations by Indian designer Monisha Jaising during a fashion show of the 2004 India Fashion Week in New Delhi April 30, 2004. The Fashion Design Council of India, organizer of the India Fashion Week, announced on April 28 that it would sign an MoU with the Small Industries Development Bank of India for a loan of 500 million Rupees to provide assistance to India's fashion industry.

    Chinese UN peacekeepers in Congo on alert

    The picture taken on the night of April 29, 2004 shows two Chinese soldiers of the United Nations peacekeeping mission standing guard at the gate of their barrack in Bukavu on the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). Since the situation here has become more and more tense, the Chinese UN peacekeepers have to stand guard around the clock.

    "Champion" opens first outlet in Beijing

    General Manger of the Champion supermarket invited two beijingers to cut the ribbion at the opening ceremony for its first outlet in Beijing on April 29. The outlet in Chaoyang District covers an area of 3, 000 square meters and sells foodstuff only.

    Top Party leader vows to carry on predecessors' will

    The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held a workshop at the Great Hall of the People, in central Beijing, Friday, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ren Bishi, one of the first-generation leaders.

    South African new cabinet formed

    A swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet led by South African President Thabo Mbeki is held in the presidential palace in Pretoria, South Africa April 29, 2004. Mbeki was sworn in for a second five-year term on April 27. (Xinhua Photo)

    PLA navy warships visit HK

    A Chinese naval guided missile destroyer docks at the Ngong Shuen Chau Naval Base in Hong Kong April 30, 2004. The Navy task group is visiting Hong Kong for a six-day stopover. The group includes two guided missile destroyers, four guided missile frigates and two submarines. Hong Kong residents will have the chance to visit the warships.

    Ancient wood sculpture

    The photo taken on April 28, 2004 shows a piece of wood sculpture named "Deities of happiness, wealth and longevity" in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is among more than 1,600 pieces of sculptures collected by the couple Ouyang Yuefeng and Ling Ping in 10 years in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province. These works made of stone, brick and wood were from the dynasties of Song (960-1127), Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing.

    "Champion" opens first outlet in Beijing

    General manager of the French Champion supermarket (R) invited two Beijingers to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the first Champion outlet in Beijing on April 29. The French supermarket opens its first outlet in Chaoyang District Beijing on April 29. The supermarket covers an area of 3, 000 square meters and only sells foodstuff.

    2004 India Fashion Week

    A professional model and an amateur (L) present creations by Indian designer Wendell Rodricks in a fashion show on the third day of the 2004 India Fashion Week in New Delhi April 29, 2004.

    New habitat for giant panda

    Mei Xiang, a female giant panda from China, paces in her National Zoo habitat in Washington, the United States April 28, 2004. The National Zoo broke new ground Wednesday on the future site for the pair of giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian who will live here for 10 years since their arrival here from China in December 2000. The new habitat covering an area of 3.2 square kilometers is scheduled to be completed in 2006.

    Kofi Annan calls for violence abstention

    UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan addresses a press conference on the current situation in Iraq at the UN Headquarters in New York, the United States, April 28, 2004. Annan appealed to all parties in Iraq for refraining from violence, respecting international humanitarian law, and giving the process of political transition a chance. The world body is not intended to "take over" the security in Iraq, he added.

    Rockets say farewell to playoffs

    A dejected Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets watches from the bench as the Los Angeles Lakers increase their third-quarter lead in Game 5 of their NBA Western Conference first-round series in Los Angeles Wednesday, April 28, 2004. [AP]

    President Hu Jintao meets with PM of the Cook Islands

    Chinese President Hu Jintao (R) meets with Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Robert Woonton in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing April 29, 2004. (Xinhua Photo)

    Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival

    Two tourism workers from Ya'an of Sichuan Province, Southwest China, demonstrate their skills in serving tea at the Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival in Zhejiang Province in East China April 29, 2004. The festival in Ningbo will last through May 3. Various activities will be promoted during the coming week-long May Day holiday across the nation as millions embarking on trips. [newsphoto]

    Model workers on Tian'anmen tower

    Fandilina'er, a model worker from Xinjiang Song and Dance Ensemble, dances at the gate tower of Tian'anmen April 28, 2004. She is one of more than 100 national model workers and May 1 medal winners, who climbed up the Tian'anmen gate tower to have an bird's-eye view of Tian'anmen Square. (Xinhua)

    China, Cook Islands to promote bilateral ties

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L) accompanies Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Robert Woonton in a review of the honor guard in Beijing, capital of China, April 28, 2004. Wen held a welcoming ceremony for Woonton's visit to China on April 28. (Xinhua)

    Golden monkey cubs bask in "maternal love"

    Two female golden monkeys cuddle their newborns at the Hangzhou Zoo, April 28, 2004. The cubs were given birth at an interval of 10 days. (Xinhua Photo)

    HK's only Olympic gold medalist to enjoy Athens Games

    HK windsurfing team is busy preparing for Olympic trials. (Xinhua)

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