Dynamic Yunnan to take on the world

Twenty years ago she was the Peacock Princess of China. Now, Yang Liping is in the spotlight again with her "Dynamic Yunnan". After rounds of applause in all China's corners, Dynamic Yunnan is set to tour the world under the name "Shangri-la".

As one of the country's most renowned dancers and choreographers, Yang Liping has once again delighted audiences with her "Dynamic Yunnan".

The dance troupe will continue to delight and entertain with performances in the US, Britain, France and ten other countries.

On its world tour, the show will change its name to "Shangri-la", a name western audiences are familiar with. The organizers have invited professionals from Australia to give the show that extra edge.

Yang Liping was in Beijing on Tuesday to promote the world tour. Also present were big names like director Zhang Jizhong, actor Zhang Guoli and pop singer Ai Jing.

Source: Xinhua

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