China, Kenya to further enhance cooperation in field of mass media

China and Kenya enjoy warm and cordial relations in the field of mass media, and such relations is bound to be further enhanced through joint efforts from both sides, a senior Chinese official said Thursday.

"With the steady development of Sino-Kenyan relations, cooperation in the field of mass media between our two sides has been strengthened in recent years and has yielded fruitful results," Chinese Ambassador Guo Chongli said while addressing the embassy's gathering held for the Kenyan media community.

He cited that the headquarters of the African Bureau of Xinhua News Agency, the official news agency of China, were set up in Kenyan capital Nairobi and China Radio International also has its resident journalists in Nairobi.

Meanwhile, Kenyan news media has increased their coverage of China, especially on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in 2003,Guo said.

He expressed hope that media communities of both countries will further promote exchange of visits and communications.

Guo's words were echoed by the Kenyan Minister for Tourism and Information Raphael Tuju, who also addressed at the gathering.

"I think we can do a lot in terms of cooperation at the level of exchange of programs, at the level of exchange of training, the exchange of technical assistance (in the field of mass media)," Tuju said.

"We can also cooperate at the level of opening our media space to each other, for example, currently, two hours China Central Television Channel 9 are broadcasted through Kenya Broadcast Corporation everyday, and I hope we can have an arrangement (in the future) in which the Chinese media organization can offer some space for us so that the Chinese people can have better understanding of Kenya."

Source: Xinhua

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