First Chinese transsexual gets marriage certificate

Transsexual Zhang Lin received not only a new ID card, but a marriage certificate Monday in Peng Township, Shuangliu County in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. This was the first marriage certificate issued to a transsexual in China, marking the nation's recognition of transsexual marriages, the Yangcheng Evening News reported on March 16.


Zhang Lin, 37, and her husband, Yang Qicheng, planned to hold a big marriage ceremony May 1 with 500 guests.

Zhang had married a woman before her transsexual operation and they had a 12-year-old daughter.

The girl was a little puzzled by Zhang's change of sex. She asked Zhang on Monday: "Dad, what shall I call you then?" Zhang did not answer but told reporters that she and her husband would try their best to give the girl a good education and living environment.

Source: Shenzhen Daily

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