China Education Television (CETV) first to deal with sex

"Green Apple, Red Apple", China's first national TV program on sex education for youth is formally broadcast on CETV-1 (China Education Television-1).

The program, broadcast at 10:18 am every Sunday, is jointly developed by CETV, the State Family Planning Commission and China Reproduction Health Net ( As learned it is the only interactive program nationwide in China for popularizing modern sex culture and knowledge of reproduction health.

"Green Apple, Red Apple'"casts its attention on the youth and the whole society in a broader sense. It is concerned with sexual behaviors with scientific knowledge of sex and analyzes sex psychology with real examples in life and solves the common problems of people, male and female, old and young in their sex lives.

The brand-new program is aimed at focusing on sex health, a sensitive topic of public concern through an easy yet entertaining way for the youth. It is thereby to popularize knowledge of reproduction health and create a brand program on sex health on education by way of entertainment, according to the program host Jiang Xiaoyu.

By People's Daily Online

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