Guangdong keeps guarding against SARS: health official

The southern province of Guangdong is strictly guarding against any spread of the SARS epidemic, says a health official in Guangzhou.

Yao Zhibin, director of Guangdong Provincial Health Department, told Xinhua Sunday that "we are on alert and have a strict reporting system that ensures prompt report of any suspected cases detected at first hand."

Two suspected SARS cases in Guangzhou -- a 20-year-old waitress and a 35-year-old private businessmen -- were diagnosed as SARS patients on Saturday. The girl has recovered from the disease and the man has had normal temperature for 11 days.

Before them, a freelance TV worker surnamed Luo was confirmed on January 5 to be a SARS patient and was later discharged from a Guangzhou hospital upon recovery.

Yao said none of the 209 people who had contacts with the threeSARS patients had shown any symptoms similar to SARS and 191 had been removed from medical observation.

A Health Ministry spokesman said that all the three diagnosed SARS cases reported in Guangdong since late December were mild cases with low infection and the patients recovered very soon.

Source: Xinhua

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