Singapore SARS researchers get largest donation from local bank

Singapore's SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) researchers have received their biggest Christmas present so far -- a 283,000-Singapore-dollar (about 167,000 US dollars) donation by the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), the local press reported on Tuesday.

Channelnewsasia, a local English language TV station, said on its website that this is the largest donation the Singapore SARS Clinical Consortium has received for seven SARS research projects now underway.

One research team at the National University of Singapore is developing a special protein vaccine that blocks the SARS virus from entering a cell, said Channelnewsasia.

Another team is looking at using traditional Chinese medicine to do the same job, it said.

Other research projects include a study on how public education,counseling and clinical intervention can help people fight a crisis like SARS, it said.

The DBS bank had initially pledged 100,000 Singapore dollars (about 59,000 US dollars) in April this year, it added.

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