HK announces SARS prevention measures

Seven female patients from the Hong Kong Tai Po Nethersole Hospital were discovered on Thursday to have fever. Clinical samples tested in the public health laboratory of the Hong Kong Department of Health did not show any SARS virus.

The seven patients, aged from 62 to 85, from the Tai Po Nethersole Hospital were found to have got fever and respiratory tract syndrome. They were previously admitted to the Tai Po hospital due to stroke, diabetes and heart disease and are now staying in the same ward.

Health Department consultant Thomas Tsang said at a press conference on Friday that the hospital has now stopped outsiders visiting patients in the ward and patients are not allowed to leave the ward.

Although clinical samples of these patients tested earlier showed that the patients have not contracted SARS, the hospital will still pay full attention to the health condition of other patients and medical staff.

Tsang also talked about the follow-up work done in response to the Taiwan SARS case. He said the Health Department has already checked the passenger list of the flight which carried the Taiwan SARS patient on December 10, which does not include Hong Kong permanent residents, but there is an overseas passenger who is now staying in Hong Kong.

The Health Department has already contacted him and did a medical check-up for him and no SARS syndrome was found.

Tsang said the Health Department has asked the passenger to stay at home for the next two days and will pay attention to his health condition in the following two months.

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