Famous stunt jumper Kor Shouliang dies in Shanghai

Kor Shou Liang in a car promotion
Taiwan stuntman Ke Shouliang ( Orr Sau Leung, also called Blacky Ko Sau Leung) who jumped over the Yellow River in his sports car, and over the Great Wall on a motorcycle, died in Shanghai Tuesday.

Police said he might have died due to too much drinking.

According to a doctor from Shanghai No 6 Hospital, 51-year-old Ke was already dead when he was brought into the hospital's emergency room at noon.

Before that, he was sleeping at the home of one of his friends.

Fang Dinghua, a spokeswoman from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau told Xinhua News Agency yesterday afternoon that Ke had attended three dinners on Monday night.

Earlier reports said he died in a car accident, but local traffic police deny that account, saying they received no report of Ke being involved in an accident.

His body was sent to the Yishan Funeral Parlour yesterday afternoon.

Ke was in Shanghai for a car advertisement.

In his 33 years as a stuntman, Ke has participated in numerous Hong Kong films as actor, stuntman and director, including Jackie Chan's films. He is also a singer and has released several albums.

Starting around 1990, he began gaining fame as a stuntman, performing record-breaking jumps.

In 1992, he jumped 38 metres over the Great Wall on his motorcycle in Beijing to raise money for the China Sports Foundation. In 1997, he successfully jumped 55 metres over Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River in a sports car, and was crowned Asia's No 1 Flying Man.

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